Holy Stone MJX X300C FPV Wifi RC Quadcopter Review Vlog – TheRcSaylors

Buy the MJX X300C here – http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00WJCDB8U
Introducing an affordable option to getting your feet wet with FPV, the MJX X300C FPV RC Quadcopter which uses wifi for it’s signal! Nate and Abby of TheRcSaylors are trying something new and fun in this review, a vlog review! We picked ours up on an amazon store, by the seller Holy Stone, so be sure to check out their store for this and more great RC quads!


16 Responses to “Holy Stone MJX X300C FPV Wifi RC Quadcopter Review Vlog – TheRcSaylors”

  • Creepy Crawl with Sobaire:

    I didnt see any video from the drone? Did I miss it? Can you post some? How is the video quality??

  • Ronald Boutan:

    I keep hearing about range problems. Any problems with this??

  • Dennis Otto:

    Good job.?

  • Super terrific R:

    I just ordered mine for $49 plus shipping. Your fpv video looked disappointing, especially if there is bad lag?

  • Robert Schoonhoven:

    Great job flying. Enjoy the video.?

  • Joe Parenti:

    I just bought one from Amazon……waiting for it to arrive. I did a search on youtube and found your video…..very cool. This my first quadcopter, I have seen arial  photos from these and decided I had to have one…since photography is my game….I have a Samsung Galaxy and I was wondering what the app is that I can download……I liked the video that you have done for this and I will look at your other videos to get further insight…..?

  • cme4brain11:

    Did you solve the lines in the FPV stored video?  what was the problem??

  • Amos Iron Wolf:

    Hey guys. Any source for replacement thumb shafts for the controller? Yeah, I lost one and it got sucked up by one of the tiny black holes that seem to leak into my floor now and then. The only Holy Stone contact info I can find is an international number for their customer service. Thanks.?

  • jager man60:

    Great video guys!! Any idea how to extract the video from an Android to the pc ???

  • melearsi:

    Hey, thanks for the review, really helpful.

    For future buyers though, you can get it for like 60$ through eBay, just lookup the model.
    It doesn't come with an extra battery or an extra charger but these shouldn't cost more than a couple of bucks.?

  • RCHobbyer:

    i can replace the battery of the Proto Z Quad??

  • Rick Hunt:

    Nice reviews guys, fyi this quad is $43 on dealsmachine.com! I've seen it for $55 on other sites too.?

  • Ashish Amatya:

    $115 for that brushed quad ? for wifi fpv syma x5sw or wltoys v686k is best.?

  • Shaunak Wagh:

    I Really like the new format and keep it up?

  • MrBonger88:

    I enjoyed the new format. As long as you don't skip any details/specs that you would normally include in a formal review for the sake of flying, I think you have a hit.?

  • Theodore Levin:

    I love the vlog style!?

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