HIROBO ?Shuttle+2 RC Helicopter

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This video shows a typical day at a local flying club. It was a dry, cold and windy day. The old gentleman in the video was my instructor, Mr Nick Swanepoel. He passed away a few years ago and I will miss the good times we had flying planes and gliders. There is quite a bit of preparation taking place before the flying, so please excuse the chatter. The aim of the excercise was to give my friend (Dr) Horst Bereczky an opportunity to film a RC model helicopter in flight. He put this video together and I just want to mention that a range check was carried out but not added to the video. I had to tweak the main rotor tracking after the first flight of the morning, after which the helicopter handled very nicely. This Shuttle is a stock standard, Plus 2 ARF version, with an OS37 engine and Futaba GY240 gyro. I am still new at rotary flight and the hands are not as steady as they should be, yet, but I sincerely hope you enjoy the video.
Video Rating: / 5


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