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Co-Axial Helicopter is too easy… any other choice?
Yes, we recommend you the Walkera Master CP Mini Helicopter
Master CP is a small size Collective Pitch helicopter for outdoor and indoor flying. It is a transition model for players who have experienced on Co-Axial Helicopters and not skilled enough for the big helicopters like the 450 class. The Master CP has a few things that is beneficial to beginners; the 6-Axis Gyro which helps you to stabilize the body in all kinds of situation, including mild 3D aerobatics; the elastic plastic parts like the Rotor Blades, Rotor Heads, Body Frame and the Landing Skids, they can absorb some damage during crash, so you get less chance of breaking them; and the Master CP flies incredibility stable and it is a “Standard” RC Heli, I mean you can learn “Useful” and “Standard” setup skills like the “Pitch Curve” and “Throttle Curve” on this little bird without paying a lot of money, I think this is very important! For players after Co-Axial Helicopters, we recommend you the Walkera Master CP, it will help you to gain RC Heli knowledge in the “Correct” way.



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  • chris cieri:

    is there a good airwolf fuselage for the master cp? or will the walkera cb180q fuselage fit this?

  • rizqun:

    can you let me know what your settings are on the master cp. thanks a lot.

  • Caleb Hoo:


  • HeliPal:

    Yes, it's compatible with DEVO 7E as well. Of course Master CP is recommended, so far we believe its quality is the best out of Walkera 6 Channel models for 3D movements.

  • Ikey Benzaken:

    Would I be able to bind this helicopter with a Devo 7E? Also I'm looking for a bigger and more aggressive heli to upgrade from the Mini CP (My first 4ch and 6ch CP heli) for a cheap price. Would you recommend this one for the money, or a certain other model?

  • RCStuff:

    brushed motor? Useless garbage

  • HeliPal:

    Sorry but Walkera receivers compatible with Walkera transmitters only. Thus, you can''t use? your DX 8 with Walkera helis. :(

  • HeliPal:

    Unfortunately, no as Master CP is not as powerful as TREX 450 and its movements can't match with 450. Moreover, Master CP is Tail Rotor CP model and its head holding power is not as good as 450. :(

  • giorgos sidetos:

    can this heli perform the crazy stuns like a align T-rex 450?

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