Guy Goes through Helicopter Blades

Bell Aircraft test footage of early helicopter. Pilot was thrown into blades, but only suffered minor injuries.


15 Responses to “Guy Goes through Helicopter Blades”

  • Peter Dashey:

    If I were him I'd buy a lottery ticket !

  • admiralcrash1:

    see what happens when you leave the toilet seat up!

  • drjoshuab11:


  • Scott D:

    What are seat belts? For $2000 Alex.

  • 261madmike:

    I think He did more damage to the helo than it did to him.

  • WSUIN02:

    As I recall, this happened in the 1940s and the meat missile wasn't even an aviator. Legend has it that he was a Bell engineer who watched from his office window as this bird did tethered testing with a real pilot aboard until he decided he could do better. He took the controls against advice and this was the result. The rest of the story indicates that nobody ever saw him on the field again…

  • Michael Fiedler:

    Can we stop with the Chuck Norris stuff.. its seriously NOT FUNNY.

  • timrs2001:

    Ride that blade…

  • Dillon Emigh:

    holy fuck this video is fake

  • TwistedSniper98:

    what a dumbass!!! XD

  • foroparapente:

    He is lucky a nuclear bomb didn't go of fin that distance, or he'd be dead.

    Any other stupid remarks?

  • audiotrax2000:

    He was lucky it hit him in the butt and propelled him away, if it would have been at neck level………

  • 857frank:

    Yes, he could have been badly bruised if a blade had hit his head. I think this was before helmets were made compulsory.

  • davondale:

    @creamyfilling102 ——'s minor considering he WENT THRU SPINNING HELICOPTER BLADES! Idiot. Your comment is one of the dumbest I've seen over the years. LOL

  • davondale:

    Thats insane. Lucky dude!!

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