gils home made rc helicopter transmitter tray

gil has 5 trex 450’s now and he setup his pitch his self and replaced his own parts feather shaft etc he is learning fast.
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I bought the simulator cable and software from Aliexpress. This setup shows the settings for Trex 450 RC helicopter. Description: F01872 9 in 1 PHoenix RC 3….


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  • satgod:

    nice tray might want to make a few and put them on ebay
    i’m sure you could sell a? few

  • Liaw Chin Yi:

    The launcher comes? in the CD when you buy the simulator kit. The launcher needs to work with the usb dongle when attached to your computer. There is no link to download the launcher. Search for flight simulator in aliexpress, you will find it.

  • Gabriel Almilhatti:

    can you please send me a link where to? download this laucher or upload? please, i really need this! im searching but i cant find any thing that works!

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