Flight Review – RC Airwolf with 5 blades main rotor head

Flight Review - RC Airwolf with 5 blades main rotor head

This is the simple flight review of Walkera’s 450 size big RC Electric Airwolf helicopter with 5 blades main rotor head. Tracking the blades was a painful time consuming task but after the tracking was done and pitch curve settings were tweaked, this helicopter flew superb. It looks very authentic Airwolf in the air flies awesome fast and at the same time has solid hovering capabilities. Maiden Flight shows all good, we will conclude it as a great RC Airwolf helicopter to spend money on, if it can survive 20 flights in my hands without any major issues. Enjoy this video and a promo style video with a special sound track coming soon. Comments and feedback welcome at [email protected] , [email protected] and [email protected] Don’t forget to visit http://www.onlyflyingmachines.com , and Subscribe to http://www.youtube.com/alishanmaolife and http://www.youtube.com/alishanmao
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13 Responses to “Flight Review – RC Airwolf with 5 blades main rotor head”

  • DJDEEDetroit:

    Hello Alishanmao. I have the Walkera  V450-DO3. I am trying to set the trim and all the buttons on the remote. I have a cheap $100 chopper with the 4 blades I can fly easy but the 450 I have never fly one before I have cars Boats I learn fast on every thing. I here you say beginners can not fly a 6 gyro. But! I have to try it I took mine out 3 times and crashed every time lol. But" I am getter better everytime. Can you please show me how to set my remote I DO NOT want to do 3D flying yet. Just regular flying please. I have the Devo 7 remote. I don't want it set for 3D flying just normal. Please help me. I am in Westland, Michigan. And trying to find people here that fly but its hard finding people. Thank you. Derrick?

  • Zahhrul jihad Jihad:

    Its awesome…. but I cant play it in place…. ?

  • Wolfspirit32768 2:

    Thanks for the review of this helicopter, it helps a lot. i wanna buy it too maybe. +1 like regards, Wolf ;)?

  • time for some fpv action:

    what happ to all the redcat rc cars and such??

  • Raden Heriyanto:

    Where to buy skywalker x8

  • Raden Heriyanto:

    What is a good rc radio

  • Jad Collado:

    they used to sell a walkera v120dq02, which is a walkera v120d02s with an airwolf body, that's a two bladed one. but not discontinued, however there is a way to convert walkera's new v120d02s into an airwolf, you should check it out if you really wanted a scale airwolf.

  • Raden Heriyanto:

    What is a good beginner fpv planes

  • Raden Heriyanto:

    What is a good beginner fpv planes

  • OMAR:

    very very good camera man ..

  • Andy Tsang:

    Does it have retracts

  • yusuke urameshi:

    flying scale is gay………..

  • 30yrLAFD:

    Thanks for your reviews, very informational! I may have to get one anyway, I love the AIRWOLF!

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