Finless Bob’s HeliFreak Flight Challenge #1 – 1st recorded attempt

While mastering to fly RC helicopters I have determined to try Finless Bob’s HeliFreak Flight Problem #1. Even though I am not able to full the obstacle nevertheless I am studying a good deal by making an attempt and hope to be in a position to full it with far more practice. If you want to attempt your self listed here is the obstacle: NOT ON THE SIM…. Genuine lifestyle! Below we go: 1) Nose in hover controlled in 1 place for twenty seconds solid! two) Present a Reliable hover tail still left, tail proper, tail in, nose in. Each has to be fifteen seconds strong…. As little drifting as very best you can and each transition to every orientation cannot have cuts in the video clip… Raw exhibiting the transitions. 3) Incentive Details! Hover upright and piro in either course you want and present you can hold that piro hover in a single place! For a lot more details and films of men and women completing the problem see
Video clip Score: 5 / five Envision a heli so clean and stable that a newbie can discover to fly with it. Now, picture a heli so tricked out that an expert can fly outrageous 3D with it. Imagine a heli that can be equally…and you have the Axe CPv3.
Online video Rating: 4 / five


7 Responses to “Finless Bob’s HeliFreak Flight Challenge #1 – 1st recorded attempt”

  • adriancjones:

    Wow, that’s a lot of towels. I think the local Holiday Inn may have your? face on there most wanted list.

  • bassax7045:

    nice one man ,but? the challenge is meant to do with cp helis that have no autostability

    still you have to start somewhere ,so well done !!! : )

  • JaleelJohanson62:

    It has a gyro. It’s just that it’s a rate gyro? and not a heading hold gyro.

  • talowe87:

    I was kind of currious how it remains its heading without? a gyro? and why you can’t put one on aftermarket?

  • robbiehatfield100:

    This is a good 2nd heli. A Blade 400 while more expensive is a better choice? for a first collective pitch helicopter.

  • JaleelJohanson62:

    It’s a? great heli and I have literally hours on mine, but it’s misleading to say it’s a heli “anybody” can fly without saying “anybody that has 10+ hours of simulator time”..

  • Sasquatch1369:

    just bought one a couple hours ago. ? I got mine from the LHS for $172 including tax.

    It is very windy outside, so I will post back when I have had a chance to test it out.

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