Esky Fiber Glass AirWolf 2.4G RTF Brushless Remote Control Helicopter


18 Responses to “Esky Fiber Glass AirWolf 2.4G RTF Brushless Remote Control Helicopter”

  • hustlaz2k:

    can it do inverted flying with that fuselage on??

  • drvietnam:

    the esky belt cp v2 are better i by it from helipal ?

  • drvietnam:

    @TheESCALADO ok ?

  • The Norwegian Atheist:

    Go ALIGN! I love my T-Rex600N :)?

  • m0usey929:

    @TheESCALADO what other places are there? i want to know just in case?

  • drvietnam:

    hi how much cost the shippin to sweden ?

  • qwasd0r:

    Remove the landing gear. Looks much cooler flying. :)?

  • xhelicopter:

    @chiosex Thank you for your comment, Chiosex. w/ our popular products, everything is always in high? demand. Once we get our inventory, bc of the great demands for our spare parts, customers get to it right away. Our customers & hobbyists are one of our top priorities, always. We are working every day with our manufacturers to get our inventory restocked as fast as possible, & how quickly the manufacturers send the products to us is not always in our control. We apologize for the inconvenience?

  • Craig McVeigh:

    I purchased a helicopter from at a good price and because they advertised a complete spares backup service. I found this to be untrue, I was never able to get any spares I needed from them, apart from a few items that never break everything else was always out of stock (even blades). I personally will never use them again.?

  • Mark Johnson:

    Looks pretty cool, I hope yours doesn't show up with a broken on/off switch because mine did and after being on hold for 45 minutes the guy hangs up on you, then you call back and he says he'll send you an email "today or tomorrow" on how to return it, but you don' t get one because he's a liar. Have fun kids ! I am off to wallpaper the net with this complaint about the cheating jerks ?

  • stephen anderson:

    @MindingMyOwnBiz haha i know you should just go out andbuy one of those air hog things for like 20 bucks ?

  • jiuop:

    that looks AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1?

  • Idonttelllies2797:

    @3255959 ummm the link!!!?

  • Thekryptonite7:


  • nuttcaze:

    It should be noted that the heli inside the fuselage is a HoneyBee King V3 (A 400 size heli), a good heli but if you wanna get a scale heli, buy a Belt CP V2 and get a 450 size Airwolf fuselage from Helidirect. Then you can get retractable wheels and it will all cost the same as this HKB V3/Airwolf, not to mention it will be more stable then this one.?

  • Tobi Lang:

    Super scale!?

  • CJVideoProductions:

    E-Sky should have had some black flybar paddles and tail blades made for this… that's the one thing that looks a little cheesy. I do like new scale stuff from e-sky though!?

  • 420choky:

    lol hbk . ?

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