Esky Belt CPX R/C Helicopter

This video shows a full length Esky Belt CPX flight (9+ minutes). If you have the time to observe by way of this online video you will certainly see that even in regular flight method the Belt CPX is quickly as hell and Super Exciting TO FLY!! This is my initial collective pitch, 450 measurement heli and I moved up from a Walkera CB180D. There is no comparison amongst the two and I will by no means have entertaining with a fixed pitch again. (…not that a fixed pitch, 4 channel is a undesirable location to start.) For anyone pondering of moving up, DO IT!!! You are going to keep in mind why you desired to fly RC Helicopters in the very first location! Crucial Tip: Expertise on a scaled-down four channel, set pitch helis is wonderful, but it will not likely make you a professional w/ collective pitch helis. (I found this out the challenging way.) Start off extremely slowly and gradually, and use quite little adhere actions. I wrecked my heli just commencing off which isn’t awesome at all. One particular thing I had to determine out was that not like the CB180D, the Belt CPX has some energy, and it will keep going in the route you explain to it to go until you explain to it to cease. I figured out about that when the CPX ended up a hundred yds away seconds immediately after using off and seconds prior to crashing! Its a actually challenging heli although, after many crashes I have not done any key hurt. Things I have replaced and advise getting on hand: Primary Blades, Flybar, Feathering shaft, principal shaft, primary rotor head established, principal equipment set. (and of training course you require a very good tool package with a pitch gauge!) I am not far too good at repairing things, but with a minor little bit of


6 Responses to “Esky Belt CPX R/C Helicopter”

  • MrCofl1001:

    What batteries? do you use?
    Nice flight btw

  • James Bond:

    wow…well done….I am flying the ESKY belt? cp V2 for a long time now and have to say, it’s absolutely not stable because the Gyro. I tried many settings. But you are flying great ! Did you try it in IDLE UP mode already ?
    greetings Dave from Germany !

  • codglitchps3:

    i just need some advice before buying this….are? there any modification need for this helicopter…and also can i fly with everything stock.

  • Ben Ross:

    Nice flying, should be getting one of these? Monday – can’t wait!

  • Mantas Vaitkus:

    try tracking your? blades perfectly, when ur blades are not tracked it can minimise your flight time up to 40 percent

  • Mantas Vaitkus:

    ordered? my today

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