Esky 150 EC Multi Protocol Setup Made Easy – Open/Edge TX.

Esky 150 EC Multi Protocol setup tutorial going over the basic steps involved so you can fly your Esky 150EC Micro Scale EC135 RC helicopter with a proper computerized radio; setting it up to behave exactly how you want.

The Esky 150 EC also has a fair amount of dead band around center cyclic (aileron/elevator) stick, which can also be eliminated if you wish when you pair the little 150 EC to a good computerized transmitter.

Let’s get started!

Time Chapters:
0:00 Howdy Folks
1:29 Model Setup
3:11 Mix Setup
4:48 Output Setup
5:17 Curve Setup
6:27 Conclusion

Esky 150 EC RTF RC Helicopter Package:
Esky Direct:

Original Esky 150 EC Review Video:

Detailed Esky 300 V2 Multi- Protocol / OpenTX Setup Video:

Eliminating Dead-Band Video:

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Belt-CP CX features a simple platform from the Belt-CP V2, with a cool appearence Fuselage, making it a very beautiful scale RC helicopter to play with. The fuselage is made with thin plastic, making it real light, not affecting the flying performance, ESKY factory also think about the easy access of the battery, the front fuselage can be taken out easily without any tools, it is a great features when you are playing outdoor.
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