E-FLITE Blade SR – Collective Pitch vs Fixed Pitch Part 2 – Official Beginner's Guide Part 4B

EFlite Blade SR – CP vs FP – Official Beginner’s Guide Part 4B


14 Responses to “E-FLITE Blade SR – Collective Pitch vs Fixed Pitch Part 2 – Official Beginner's Guide Part 4B”

  • Chris W:

    Coming from the blade 120, I couldn't figure out the difference. But I wrecked the SR in 5 minutes and blew the rotor head to pieces…. The 120 is more resilient. I will treat the SR with a lot more respect now! Thanks for these great videos!

  • William Neff:

    Fix pitch is stupid

  • iDroid:

    Hey, I got e flite with controller, but it doesn't have tail and another parts, where I can get some parts for it?

  • Blinkin badger:

    Great video, very informative for us newbies. In all honesty would I be better off going for the honey bee v2 over the sr? I've just come from an eflite Msrx & really don't want heavy repair bills & complicated repairs with the collective pitch sr. Would the honey bee v2 be quite a bit easier to fly than the sr? Thanks in advance

  • traxxaserevoVXL:

    so that sr can go inverted??

  • elcamarao:

    ah forget it I saw the idle up/ stunt mode vid and got it right away =D nice beginner tutorial

  • elcamarao:

    hello I have a question. the blades on the blade SR just turns in one direction as demonstrated (throttle control) then I cant understand how can fly up side down since when throttle upside down the heli would go down. I'm confused and noob lol

  • birdman bl:

    Yep Nice chatting

  • birdman bl:

    Hey bro at 3:38 you basically predicted the 300x. cheers mate

  • popcorncrow:

    I see lots of bad reviews on the SR. on the Horizon Hobby website. I am product shopping for a future Heli… my first CP. And I'm tossing around two.. the SR and maybe the Walkera v4oodo2. The Walkera is brushed and plastic servos and brushed tail..but it's very up gradable. I know the SR is brushless with a brushed tail and I'm sure it's very upgradable too. Which one of these 2 would you recommend?

  • Raymaster26:

    which is better??/

  • ErSlickVic:

    Great vids man, im learning on a co-ax and im really getting into it, i like it alot. A couple weeks more i think ill get the SR. Had my eye in it for a while

  • Arfdog:

    All flight is in 3D.

  • eroticmasterbaker:

    @CrazyHeliDude I ordered 5 helicopters after watching your video. I've never flown helis before so a got a small coax , 2 fixed pitch, and a 450 CP RTF and a 450 HK CP kit. I can fly planes and I've been practicing helis on my simulator. I will probably build a heli stand like "nightflyer" did to practice hovering.I like learning stuff from videos like yours!

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