Drive an RC Car like a pro! SkyRC GC301 Gyro module, like TSM Review

Drive an RC Car like a pro! SkyRC GC301 Gyro module, like TSM Review

The SkyRC GC301 Gyro will give you so much more control of you Vehicle! Drifting made easy! It works just like the Traxxas Stability Management (TSM), but you can add it to any hobby grade RC!

*The TSM in the Thumbnail stands for ‘Tomley Stability Management’ ?

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20 Responses to “Drive an RC Car like a pro! SkyRC GC301 Gyro module, like TSM Review”

  • XTS_eddy:

    Is it waterproof?

  • Mike Blankumsee:

    If I run HV setup will it work. Can I run 6v even? I need gyro for hpi Savage x

  • Robert Ball RC:

    Very informative. I think a Gyro would really help me out. Thanks Tomley. … ?

  • Joe:

    I know this is a very old video but I have the k989 1/28 scale drift car I have that same gyro and I turned the controller on I turned the receiver on get the rapid Flash and then it goes solid red but steering does not even work I was wondering if you could just please take a minute and I don't know tell me that it's just messed up or something wrong I don't know I tried it very spots in a little car just doesn't work thank you

  • Johnny Rc:

    So I put a Traxxas tsm receiver with tqi controller in my Cen Reeper but isn't working. But I didn't position it central like you did. Is that the problem?

  • Andy Quiko:

    Just got back to the Rc hobby while being quarantined due to c infection (think omikron).
    Just had a SC truck stored around for couple of years gathering dust, so now I was asking myself if this thing could drift. Order now such gyro module and can’t wait to install it and take it outside when my health allows it.
    Great video, thanks!

  • TV:

    Hello, want to ask, if you gain the gyro, then run the car, is it gonna change the turning radius become wider ?

    On the other , if gyro OFF, the turning radius become normal again

  • Combustion69:

    where was that filmed?

  • PimpThe478:

    A gyro depends upon the Servo you use also. If the servo you use is slow or is a low torque servo your gyro wouldn't be able to hold the position of your car as well. If it's slow it would not correct the problem quickly enough and if it isn't strong enough it would not have any holding power. This would cause your gyro to work much harder sending correction signals to your servo and it would over work your servo also. So not having a good enough servo would affect the performance of your gyro and also shorten it's life and that of the servo.

    I had an experience I had a Yokomo Dp-302 V4 gyro and a Traxxsas 2255 servo Torque-400 oz/in and speed 0.15s to go 60deg. This worked so good it held my Rustler Ruler straight. Then I upgraded my radio to a Futaba 4PV and Futaba strongly suggested to link it only with Futaba servos and I also got a Futaba gyro to keep it within the Futaba Family. So I got a Futaba s 3071HV servo Torque-146oz/in and speed 0.19s to 60deg and a Futaba gyc441 gryo. The performance in holding my car straight wasn't anywhere as good. Not because of the gyro but because of the servo. I got the top end Traxxsas servo and it speed and torque were much better. A point is that to get really great performance from top companies you have to spend a lot more. That being said if you go with their higher end servos they are really good but you have to pay $ 120 plus.

  • furonwarrior:

    I had an extra gyro that I used in my race car. It didn’t allow for separate aileron controls and because I prefer flaperons, the gyro is useless to me for airplanes, but not for my car. Incredible to see how much of a difference it can make!

  • roadstar499:

    will this work with a cheap rtr radio? or do you need a better radio? thax

  • roadstar499:

    i would say if a car was setup with this gyro racing against same cars without it would win racing on a dirt coarse everytime as long as all drivers had equal skills…i am sure some drivers have been racing without gyros for a long time and they would do well against a gyro fitted car… thanks

  • None None:

    I have this gyroscope ordered it off of banggood with a racerstar 80a esc and 3660 brushless motor, on dirt, gravel or pavement it keeps my traxxas 4×4 stable at high speeds. This is defently a good product

  • Cristian Gonzalez:

    Nice vid ?

  • NO:

    Is it possible on a esc receiver combo and 5 wire servo? Thanks mate! Nice demonstration.

  • Jonjon Salanguit:

    Thank you bro

  • whiteyguitar666:

    Are they compatible with arrma transmitters

  • BobbyBoyGaming:

    is this only for cars without a good differential?

  • review planet:

    What if you are driving on a slope?

  • RC:

    Thanks for the upload.

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