Dieser riesige RC-Hubschrauber mit GPS und Laserscanner war Vorläufer für Militärdrohnen

Ausschnitt aus der GEO-Reportage “Roboter mit Leib und Seele” aus 1998. Hier geht es zur ganzen Doku: https://youtu.be/YGm01_RKM7w

Ein Hubschrauber-Roboter, entwickelt von Robotikern der Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, gefördert unter anderem durch das Pentagon: eine frühe Entwicklungsstufe auf dem Weg zu modernen Aufklärungsdrohnen.

Diesee Ausschnitt stammt aus der allerersten Staffel der GEO-Reportagen. Aktuelle Folgen der GEO-Reportagen auf YouTube findest du hier: https://goo.gl/bjAqi6

Abonniere Deutsche Fernsehgeschichte: https://goo.gl/KJ3YSa

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To convert servo torque from oz-in to kg-cm, please view this converter:

1:08 – Servo Types
3:23 – Digital vs Analog
4:30 – Motor Types
6:16 – High Voltage Servos
7:53 – Waterproof Servos
8:23 – Case Material
10:13 – Gear Material
11:24 – Torque & Speed Specs

Some of our favorite servos:
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12 Responses to “Dieser riesige RC-Hubschrauber mit GPS und Laserscanner war Vorläufer für Militärdrohnen”

  • Messerschmitt Bölkow:

    Das die Bundeswehr bis heute kein eigenes UAV made in Germany hat ist absolut peinlich und Grund genug niewieder die Altpartein zu wählen!

    *Mit Ausnahme der Bayernpartei.

  • Clemens Ratte-Polle:

    die Jahreszahl muss auch in den Titel 🙂

  • AMain Hobbies:

    1:08 – Servo Types
    3:23 – Digital vs Analog
    4:30 – Motor Types
    6:16 – High Voltage Servos
    7:53 – Waterproof Servos
    8:23 – Case Material
    10:13 – Gear Material
    11:24 – Torque & Speed Specs

  • Tamer Hussein:

    Hi Chief, thank you for taking the time to make this video, I’m learning every day. My question is a little outside your video subject but I’m an electronics idiot but I’m not a dumb guy, so I’m hoping to tap your expert opinion for some advice.
    I’m trying to pull the rope on a lifejacket CO2 manual inflator (No, using the auto inflator is not an option) using either a servo or a solenoid with a button as the trigger on off. So, I’ve guessed the torque pull required on the rope is probably 3 to 5kg and this is a one-time use one time pull device I’m trying to build. I don’t even know if that is even possible to press a button once and get enough torque from a servo or solenoid to pull a rope? Would the servo keep spinning or would it stop after the button is released? Any advice or suggestions would be most greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!

  • Richard Cranium:

    I think ur brain has a servo js

  • Aaron Miah:

    Always helpful info ?

  • Joe Rodriguez:

    I wonder if someone can help me,

    I need a basic servo that can move at least a quarter inch or a little less, it really doesn’t matter the exact measurement, the moment I push on my remote control. I already know how to connect a remote control but I just need to know if I’m doing this correctly, what I do is I connect one of the three wires to one side of a 9 V battery in the moment the other wires touched the other side of the naval battery, the server gets a little surge of electricity and it moves exactly the way I like it to move but I wonder if I’m doing this correctly, if I may damage the unit and if there is a better way, thank you in advance.

  • Raiden:

    The stock panda hobby servo is slow but has a lot of torque, you can make it faster using the hobbywing quicrun 1080 and the program card that's included. Just change the BEC voltage from 6 volts to 7.4 volts


    What’s an inexpensive but good servos for the SAB 580 RAW?

  • Tom B:

    Well Done,
    I want to make a big outdoor clock. A rc servo & clock circuit (ex: 555IC) seems to the way to go.
    ??How would you approach it??

  • William O'Leary:

    Ok AMain need to buy a servo from you.
    Here’s what I have and what I’m looking to do with it.
    Brand new 1/8 Kraton Roller
    Looking for a servo with metal gears houses in an aluminum case. I need it to powerful, durable, & fast. Medium bashing.
    I was looking at the Reef’s 500 Raw, but need options.
    Please give me some options so that I can order it from you.
    A Subscriber

  • Ray Bearden:

    I was hoping to find out what a 5g servo means

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