ClearView RC Flight Simulator

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  • MrChouckz:

    Wow! you need to do this in DOF Reality motion simulator

  • Law Less:

    Can i use my Fs t6 with this simulater?

  • Maximiliano Ridulfo:

    Absoluta RC PLE SIm

  • ABikerLife:

    Not so free.. This is shareware, and you really don'y get enough flight time to learn anything before the software cuts you off. Only 2 models of planes, and only 2 helicopters to try out before you buy. This software is billed all over youtube as being free, and then if you want to get the extra planes, helis, etc, you have to purchase.. NOT SO !! so much for promoting the hobby , and then charging for add ons.

  • Francisca Benavides:

    Sevebe de jugete

  • Chasingwaves:

    i just  try out the free  15 min demo WOW its Great  loads  fast  on  my  Pc don't know what u other guys  where talking about ..  its  pretty  real i would say .. not  bad  for  39.99  the graphics are good  not a bad game still cheaper the phinix 5 

  • Kanari Mentos:

    its sucks take forver after crash to loading  any one need.t for free i hav,t also realflight6 4 dvd for free

  • Sirrantanplan:

    Es un juego

  • YotoGamer:

    Es muy bueno

  • T Fields:

    Yy HTC

  • balavoine theo:

    impressionant j'adore:-)

  • Jax Teller RC:

    What! No Quadcopters????

  • Marjan Tanev:


  • Maderito 123:

    me pasas el codigo de activacion de Clear View? Porfa

  • Tomas Vyšniauskas:

    Hi, I've contacted you recently through Youtube message system. Probably you haven't seen it, so please take some time to get to your inbox to read the message. Thanks! 🙂

  • Scooter Taylor:

    there is a free version but you have to buy the models if your want more

  • Eiaad Alhor1:


  • Calon Sarjana Channel's:


  • eastbend99:

    I love this simulator but their "customer support" is a joke. I had an issue and inquired, and all I got were a bunch of useless responses that basically told me nothing. No resolution to the problem and I could tell the guy had no clue, but instead of admitting that he just kept BS'ing and avoiding my direct questions re. the issue. I had read earlier their cust svc was really bad, and I now I know first hand. Good sim though, they just need much better customer service.

  • mohd jefri jaafar:


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