Chase Jarvis RAW: flying high in telluride

Photographer/Director Chase Jarvis takes you high into the mountains of Telluride Colorado to show how he and his crew captured epic aerial shots using a rem…


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  • 1212Productions:

    Chase Jarvis… thank you for putting your videos on line. I am a filmmaker w a degree, however today I have been watching alot of your videos..I actually feel? like I am watching a professional who can relate to most of the the more common photographers.. all of your videos are very cinematic!! u guys are awesome! Thanks Again

  • mrpenney1:

    yes the faa has shut down use of non piloted vehicles for commercial use… big fine.. potential jail time… amateurs are ok for hobby… very stupid? lack of logic here but they want pilots to have commercial licenses… and a few bozos have driven into airport controlled airspace… which is what triggered the shutdown… not to mention the terrorist behind every bush paranoia…

  • Miguel Sanchez:

    awesome? toy

  • Ibushi:

    If you’re still interested, you can try searching youtube for alishanmao, the guy takes videos of himself setting up? and flying FPV.

  • Matteo Gazzarri:

    terrific video! What about the helicopter? It’s an homemade? creation? :)

  • PhotoSummers:

    h? t t p : / / b i t . l y / T I L M z f
    Put this URL in to see a great blog about Adventure and extreme sports photography.

  • JacanaProductions:

    Nice shot lads, guess now they be rolling with a c300 rather than? the AF100. But when she first came out she rocked!

  • tenjohn231:

    how are they streaming live? video from the helicopter to the monitor.? does anybody know that.

  • owenkilleen:

    could do with one of these so much, for a music video i’m making? here in Cork, Ireland.

  • noobie1890:

    He did,? I didn’t

  • ZagatoZee:

    start at? about 1:45 then.

  • Brendan Cunningham:

    im sure they care but if they ruined a camera it wouldnt affect them? so much

  • heliclops:

    Very good video your friend! congratulations for your video, beautiful music fantastic ********** stars to shine with you. Best wishes from Brazil.? Att ….. Youth.

  • telemundo:

    just watch out that you dont? decapititate someone by accident.

  • john raffaghello ii:

    you get the? illest jobs

  • Isaac Ngui:

    Any idea what sunglasses are Tabb wearing? Also really awesome rig! =)?

  • DarkAngelEU:

    You guys are truly amazing,? revolution in photography!

  • CarlyWaarly:

    Wow! Fabulous, where can we get one from? Gone on then how much would a rig like that cost? thanks ?

  • noobie1890:

    I don’t? recall mentioning slow motion

  • Guikri:

    you can’t do slow motion with? a gopro man!

  • spazman13579:

    Lol, you didn’t offend me. And I had no idea about that… I fly them just for fun, and I know they’re used in the film industry? a LOT, so I’m not sure why they would be illegal for those kinds of purposes.

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