Blade 230S Review RC Heli

Blade 230S Review RC Heli

Blade 230 S RTF:

The Blade® 230 S features exclusive SAFE (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology, a revolutionary electronic flight envelope protection system that makes it easy for anyone to fly helicopters with confidence. Flight mode versatility means that you can instantly choose the level of assistance and maneuverability that’s right for you. Plus you get the virtual protection of Panic Recovery mode that will recover the heli to a level attitude for you at the push of a button.
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  • Michael Frandsen:

    It's NO beginner model, I don't care what others say, it's sure not for new fliers. Intermediate!!!! And freaking dangerous if you can't fly. It's Rotor Blade will open a neck artery and kill you in 8 sec IF you fly it into yourself. And too many idiots today there has NO clue THIS kind NOT is kids toys. Just try the very realistic Flight Sim PHOENIX and learn there and you will be able to crash a million times and get a new Chopper after 1 sec 🙂

  • Zeaiclies:

    Anyone know how to replace the tail blade on the 230s?

    It exploded and left just the center white nub.

  • Daz Z:

    I have this heli and it's junk..tail blades will break apart mid air..the rotor head ball links pop off mid air.. tail motor wears out to fast..changing main gears regularly due to no fault of your own I could go on

  • Michael lee:

    Cost effective?? inavative tail motor?? Buzz words for a bit cheap and nothing new!!!

  • Doug Simmons:

    Tips from a beginner to other beginners graduating from drones: Get this 230s. Don't let the anti-SAFE mode forum people scare you, you need it to get your feet wet and you've got the switch on the remote to get crazy. For your first flights resist the temptation to fly until you manage to find a wide-open area with little or no wind until you've got the hang of it (it's a tad tricky at first). Don't fly in low light, not yet, and not without LEDs. No wide-open area with low/no wind? Resist! Order plenty of tail rotors, a neck strap and an extra battery. Until you get the hang of it, don't fly around people and cars, you'll be tempted to show off, you'll get nervous and you'll crash, possibly into someone or their baby (or your own baby). A tip to drone addicts who have not yet dabbled in helicopters: This is ten times more fun, even more fun than your fancy boy sports quads. Collective pitch baby! You can finally pretend you're a pilot, that this is actual aviation (plus a little protective safe mode). Cheers!

  • Tom Emerson:

    Will this transmitter have a program for the Blade Nano CPS or 200 SRX? I have a DX6i and it's a bit intimidating to program the flight modes. I plan to buy the 230S RTF package.

  • jakeboynz:

    Do you guys do a mode 2 with this heli? Thanks

  • Raptor50aus:

    Great Review Matt
    Will Modelflight be selling the new Blade Apache Ah64 heli too?

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