Big RC Helicopter Chinook | Syma S34

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Review of the smaller Chinook rc heli:
I didn’t have much luck with the Syma S34 Chinook helicopter. I had a lot of problems with keeping it trimmed, flying straight, and overall control of it. It defiantly looks cool! The shell of the helicopter is sturdy and highly detailed. It’s too bad it’s flight performance didn’t match it’s overall quality appearance.


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  • tomtalker2000:

    I disagree with his review. Because you'd be HARD pressed to find another coaxial heli that can fly as well as this does outdoors. I strongly believe because it's a tandem rotor you've got more balance against the wind as opposed to taking a Syma S33 outside. Sure it's bigger then the S34 Chinook but it doesn't perform as well. Plus you CAN upgrade the stock battery from the 7.4v 500mah to an 800mah successfully and get more flight time and a more power to boot. So folks don't let his review throw you from another awesome heli by Syma. You just can't go wrong with that company and i have everyone of there micro coaxials including the mini Chinook he mentioned here. To compare the S026 to the S34 is like apples to oranges folks no comparison in my honest opinion.?

  • Explorer 101:

    flying cat….. 1:49?

  • Elvedina Ali?:

    i see what you mean.i just buyd my mini!!!?

  • Vinh Do:

    how long can it fly with battery??

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