Best Micro CP Heli For YOU!?!

What is the best choice of remote control collective pitch helicopter for you? I discuss a few models, and their benefits.
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  • ???? ?????:

    Hi I have a question – what better the WLtoys V977 or XK K110 ??? tnks

  • Michael Gilbert:

    XK-K110 for about $100 from Motion RC… Great radio, inexpensive parts, and quite durable. Stock up on the horizontal shaft, main shaft, main blades, landing gear, and main gear – if you are a beginner.

  • ???:


  • Kanari Mentos:

    why everything is blade product u use i hate.t  is those good

  • RCPilot:

    Have you heard of a brand called hisky?

  • qntt2002:

    130x good power and great tail… Are you drunk?!?!?! You will spend more time chasing problems with that piece of junk than flying it!

    Nano… Great but you didn't mention how it burns motors. 60 flights and you need a new one! That is what you recommend?!

  • Jad Collado:

    i know this is a year ago but ofcourse people still buy these. but my nano cost me 300$ just so it wouldn't break. 130x is a money pit BUT with upgrades its good! but the walkera v120d02s is also a good choice for beginners or 2nd helicopter, because it is designed and beefed up version of the 4g6.

  • birdman bl:

    Great vid earthling

  • powerofsamurai:

    Man i can totally appreciate you for helping out on that subject ,I get that whats next? syndrome. And that really helped. I have noticed several people in my experience have gone with the E flight line up over most other brands as they progress, much like you showed us. Is there an easy way to say why E flight is chosen over others?

  • Sa pick:

    I dont understand your video because i'm french sorry.
    So can you just said to me wat is the best?
    Go and see my videos to see how i pilot

  • Glenn Ford:

    here in  the UK the nano and mcpx v2 can both be bought for around £60 to £75, the bl version and 130x are both £130 to £135.

    I dont think there is a bad choice, its just based on what you can afford.

    My googling has informed me that the nano CAN burn motors quite quickly, and the 130x has a few problems aswell.

    my choice personally… the mcpx v2, its cheap and ive read, holds its tail better in wind compared to the nano

  • Patrick Di Stefano:

    Could i fly all the blade helis especially the extreme 130x and mcpx bl and get everything i want out of them on my DX6i or should i get a higher end radio like the DX7s or DX8, or can i do it all on my DX6i?

  • steve wisbey:

    What a great video! VERY informative Thank you.

  • TheShadowsLynx:

    Guys head over to Earthlings Christmas giveaway and help it reach 15,000 views!

  • OlaFPV:

    I have been flying a Mcpx the main board has fried and I am considering Mcpx Bl is it going to be too difficult. I can fly and mcpx just fine I can't flip it in real life. I can flip it on the simulator. will the mcpx BL a good choice for me to learn how to flip thanks and do u own all of those helicopters. thanks for your time

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