Bell 206 700 Size NAZA H Autopilot

Bell 206 700 Size  NAZA H Autopilot

Bell 206 RC with Autopilot DJI NAZA-H
Align 700 E Pro
Club Aeromodelos de Chile
February 8, 2014

How to make a RC SMART CAR with a AUTOPILOT Flight Controller

Learn How to make a wireless RC Car with Autopilot/flight contoller at home with wireless camera which gives real-time video on mobile screen.

Buy Stuff here:
Apm 2.6 Flight controller :
Telemetry Set :-
Fpv Camera :-
Video Transmitter & Receiver :-
Servo :-
Flysky Transmitter & Receiver :-

For India:
Transmitter & Receiver:
fpv camera with transmitter(without receiver) :

For making this you need ply, 300rpm motors, Tyres, rc transmitter and receiver ,Flight controller, GPS, Servo motor and FPVcamera.

There are many more Interesting videos available in this channel “Indian LifeHacker “.

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23 Responses to “Bell 206 700 Size NAZA H Autopilot”

  • Labbymae Phantom4p:

    Man those hands shakes really bad.. lol.. sorry, I can't hold it… I did the same on my maiden… nice setup you got there.. I have the 800 bell 222. I'm currently setup with the Graupner GR-24 pro + 3xG receiver but I'd like to install my naza later on when I get use to my current set up..

  • Luis Martínez Vásquez:

    Estimado como puedo hacerle unas consultas de configuración del Naza H

  • fernando pacheco:

    Boa tarde amigo, eu tenho um heli t-rex com uma fuselagem MD 500 classe 600 elétrico e esta instalado o Naza H com GPS, mas estou parado com heli já faz algum tempo.
    Eu gostaria de colocar para voar, mas não estou lembrado o procedimento para fazer voar, sei que tem que localizar todos os satélites, tem que ficar piscando a luz verde do led, para decolar o que tenho que fazer primeiro, eu posso decolar em gps ou tenho que decolar manual e depois acionar a chave do GPS, o mesmo para aterrizar.
    Amigo estou precisando dessa ajuda, se puder me auxiliar agradeço muito, meu e-mail:
    Um abraço,

  • Zoomer1973:

    Hello Can you please advise what ESC, Motor and gears and pinion used. I have naza-H on 700 but have problems with tail wobble in atti and gps mode – my head speed may be too high at 1900 rpm

  • Auremonte:

    Un agrado saber de ti , y tu actividad.
    Este Hobby no tiene fronteras,,,
    en mi comentario anterior,,,hay un error, la antena GPS está instalada en el boom,,,
    Todo funciona muy bien. En tu 800 será una maravilla.


    Tu Bell 206 esta de concurso, se ve impecable y hermoso. yo soy piloto comercial de helicóptero e instructor de pilotos, aunque en mi país la aviación esta muy mal, bueno como todo el país (Vzla). y ahora estoy dedicado al hobby

  • priyotosh das:

    lover of project

  • Naveen Kumar Adari:

    Hi to operating with gps navigation in house.?

  • SmarTrixs:

    How there is Network connection Problems as it Home mode is on gps

  • True Love:

    Why u always use both the telemetry module and radio trans meter together…..u can use any one of them…… example only telemetry module and use use ur laptop to control it…..

  • Charles Johnson:

    That's so cool keep makeing vids man this is awesome

  • Manisha Chaudhuri:

    Ok. So who are responsible for the 26 dislikes in this video? ????????????

  • sebastian g:

    Is it possible with naze32

  • Super Youtubers:

    How do you got those items in India

  • D Company:

    nice job

  • Energy Rovers:

    Can I get your contact number please. I am having some doubts regarding this Rover, I am making it and I want to know something about it.

  • vinl51:

    What are the parameter settings for APM 2.8 in mission planner?

  • vansh saraf:

    what did u use for GPS controlling??
    plz tell me!!!

  • Parvatha Venu:

    how to control the drone by droid planner
    how to set up the apm2.6 for that please please make a brief vedio on that

  • Yudi Dark:

    really WOW…

  • mdmusharraf hussain:

    from where you get that wireless system

  • UReasonIt:

    Hello. This is a great project, very nicely done. Can you list the ESC model you have used? Thanks.

  • Sadia Ali:

    f**k of fucking man

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