Beam Avantgarde 600 Flybarless Electric RC Heli Flight

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Heli Test/training stand. by Dave Herbert. Parts Required: 1, 24″x 24″ plywood to make base circle. 1, 24 ” long by 2×2″ wide foam insulator strip (cut to 2x…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


24 Responses to “Beam Avantgarde 600 Flybarless Electric RC Heli Flight”

  • Eric Humphrey:


  • Antonio Fernandes:


  • chin sam loong:

    Tq for you i training

  • DaveCPlace:

    Thanks for making this vid. I only wish I would have built one before I
    trashed my 450se v2 on it’s maiden “flight”. Now I have a pile of parts.

  • GldnUnicorn:

    My thoughts exactly hahahahaahahaha XD oh well, some people like to burn

  • Loc Luu:

    i love your video ” build test stand ” i already crash 2 helis . with your
    test stand it will save my new GENESIS 450 PE. also i watch your video ”
    how you check and inspect your Blue Ray 450 PE.” Did you have to make any
    adjustment on your Blue Ray 450 PE, before you fly it. Thank you for the
    test stand idea.

  • sucky53:

    Lol turn the subtitles on It says : Andry Pervert XD

  • Daniel Oschal:

    If the training stands are still avalable, I would be intrested in buying
    one from you. I have an E-Flight Blade CP-Pro 2. Can you let me know if I
    can order one? I would need to know the total cost for the stand and
    shipping to north-east Pa. Thanks

  • rockerdock:

    there is a video where he makes it

  • carinhall1:

    Ideen muß man haben. – Gut gemacht, 5 Sterne.

  • Maxwell Goodacre:

    How do you think this stand would work for a T-Rex 600 Nitro Pro? Should
    the stand have a multitude of bungee cords and a heavier base? What would
    you do? I have the heli listed above and haven’t flown it yet and crashed
    it once on the maiden “flight.” I want to test it with your apparatus
    before costing myself more money. Thank you. ~Max.

  • mdvanover:

    Fantastic idea, and great work. I am just getting into helis and would love
    to build one of these. Would you please PM me the parts list? Thanks

  • NightFlyyer:

    about $40

  • CarillonA1:

    great idea. mine won’t lift off. even at full power. how should the
    controls move the blades? vids on my page. thnx.

  • Sergio M:

    awesome idea. I’m going to give this a try :)

  • me69herdaily:

    Love your stand, except for one problem. Never flew a helicopter and bought
    the Blade 400. Build the stand and had the rod coming out half way. Had the
    Blade 400 at the maximum height, as the heli tilted forward it actually
    pulled the hole stand to the ground. Damages that I see, Broken blades and
    multi cracks on the nose. I noticed that pulling on the stand fully
    extended does not require a lot of force, compared to having the rod coming
    out only 6 inches.

  • HeliMan2012:

    if u that dumb u deserve to crash ur heli only an idiot would not weigh the
    stand down

  • MrBigguy1984:

    sweet ideal man that would have save me alot of money lol uppps lol to late
    . :)

  • me69herdaily:

    @me69herdaily Just came with an idea of adding an extension to the base so
    we have a larger radius by about 12 inches, but removable so the maximum
    diameter stays at 24 inch for easy transport. This should solve my tilting
    problem. I have many ideas that I am testing. Will post my final design.
    Happy Flying.

  • NightFlyyer:

    ON the way.

  • Graeme758:

    30 seconds of the Playschool music was enough for me.

  • Ralf Khayal:

    nice,thx but whats the name of the background music.

  • kenneth d:

    these computers give messages that certainly confuse, well at least they
    confuse me. but am glad everything is status quo. i took my brand new
    flyzone diablo edf out for a maiden flight. well i got it up and was doing
    a low level banking left turn and well it crashed. me and my rc buddy felt
    that there was not enough power.

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