ALZRC Fast Devil 420 RC 3D Helicopter Time-lapse build

ALZRC Fast Devil 420 FBL (Flybarless) 3D RC Helicopter kit is seems to be a nice high end RC 3D Helicopter kit. Kit does not come with any of the power combo or electronics. You will have to order those separately. Kit itself has new improve design carbon fiber and metal parts and seems to be a well-made furious 3D RC Helicopter kit. ALZRC Fast Devil 420 has a New sleek design with attractive colors and looks, metal and carbon fiber CNC Parts. Seems to be a great value RC Helicopter kit for those who love to build and fly RC Helicopters. Enjoy this time lapse build video. When assembling the helicopter, you will find many critical parts weak, and poorly designed, you will need to do a lot of DIY work and be ready to find many screws missing from the kit. Very much ALZRC tradition to make big promises and good designs but never care about quality control and or component control in the kit. Sigh. Nonetheless, This Heli looks amazing nice. Lets hope it will fly nice too.

Order the Kit here

KBAR Stabilization System here

ESC 60A Platinum Pro

Digital Servos

Or get complete upgrade kit with electronics here

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19 Responses to “ALZRC Fast Devil 420 RC 3D Helicopter Time-lapse build”

  • VS15T:

    which battery are u using for it?

  • VS15T:

    you used red loctite ?

  • bear laceration:

    Why buy a complete clone and not a goblin?

  • shaikh jeelani:

    rc car

  • mph_559:

    The nylon bolt is a breakaway point. Which was copied by SAB. Clones are what's killing this hobby. ?

  • jafar sidikspd:

    Assalamualaikum Ali, that look like sab goblin right? what is difference?

  • BlackTitanium:

    About that nylon nut and bolt for the tail… Yes, really! It is nylon by design, it will allow the tail boom to break away from the frame in a crash, to prevent the tail boom from breaking in half.

  • Wora N:

    Very nice Heli

  • ahmed sami balubaid:

    Good to see you flying goblin the best

  • ied: is a powerful, agile and very fast heli just like the goblin 380.. do upgrade motor Xnova Tareq Alsadi~

  • RCPilot:

    I hope those aren't your Fidget spinners! 😛
    Glad you are still into the Heli stuff. Not many people left I don't think.
    Have you thought about getting an OXY 2/3?

  • P.J.:

    Ali!!!!!! Good Video I enjoyed it very much. Thank you. I own a 380 Alzrc Devil Fast Same color too but again Ali just the 380 version Why? Well I really wanted it but there was one major
    problem.I had already went out and bought the 380 gear bag. So my money was already invested into the 380 "BUMMER"

  • truth seeker:

    i just watched it again in slow motion and it seems like it went together well without any mods. I have seen other places that mods were done and wondered if it went together without them. I have one just need to order servos and speed control and the build can begin. thanks again because this is exactly what i was hoping to see before i started.

  • truth seeker:

    great vid how easy did it go together? were there any mods you had to do?

  • Andre van Rensburg:

    Hello and thanks for all the videos. Are you going to bind this heli to the Taranis? Please do a how to video

  • Jeffrey Myers:

    uve been out of helis way to long

  • Jeffrey Myers:

    and yes that is how sab heli does it also, sacrificial bolt, saves boom in a crash

  • Jeffrey Myers:

    yeah but can u still smack or has fpv madeu forget

  • supa coop:

    Very nice helicopter thanks for all your videos

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