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Have you ever crashed 3 Helis in 20 minutes? Well I did, and my friend called me, Helicopter Smashing king, but I say, RC Heli Killer. LOL. Check out I am crashing 3 helis in 20 minutes time. Enjoy. Comments and feedback welcome at or Don’t forget to check,,,, and
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19 Responses to “AliShanMao The RC Heli Killer”

  • BazSound:

    gonna say it again THROTTLE HOLD USE IT

  • BazSound:

    HIT THROTTLE HOLD AS SOON AS YOU NOTICE ANY PROBLEM. Then you have a chance of saving the heli even inverted and even if it started to spin. because no motor no torque, the spinning should slow down and you could correct and get the heli upright. although the 450s dont auto well.

    See so many people get into an iminant failure and dsestroy the heli because they didnt hit TH

  • Zec Sabbath:

    a porra destroi o heli porque no País dele custa uns 100,00 reais, ja aqui no nosso, chega a 3.000,00, um da Aline ……

  • ghathan l:

    Wow…I have seen all your vids…Your into all kinds of RC's and have so many of them…Hope those heli's didn't cost much…That's the reason why i do not do helicopters and planes…Once something happens in mid air…The thing just tumbles crashing down and it is as good as throwing it in the waste basket… 😉

  • Abdullah Basit24:

    You wasted all helicopters to get the new one!

  • fred mcarthur:

    I'm not sure if your a good source for helicopter video's, keep this one to your self. I guess keep on crashing…

  • GreenDoesGaming:

    +alishanmao teri problem kia hai ? Do u know one thing that money doesn't grow on trees, so stop wasting your money

  • 1205juergen:

    LOL ,,, This was not your day … you are a really heli killer

  • TheGray Aviator:

    What the hell is wrong with you? You should never get excited when a helicopter or airplane crash! After seeing this video, I think you should go back to flying airplanes and quadcopters, they're are much safer to fly and the chances of you crashing them will be low, because I know you can fly them better.

  • your worstnightmare:

    I was almost going to buy that brand till I saw all 3 fail in inverted flight. Thanx… This video just saved me 300$

  • Joe Albano:

    Ali i follow you from you've only few videos on your channel and i think you're awesome and very helpful, but why you never choose a sunny days for your creations?
    greetings from Italy, Matera.

  • Zetor:

    Antena at last one

  • klaasch86:

    It's funny how he doesn`t cut the throttle the moment just before it hit the floor.
    It`s already fucked it crashes, why keep your rc full throttle while smacking the ground only increases damage.
    Sad to see this

  • Saiful Nasque:

    Keep blame heli?what i see is u are not good for invertert flying.dont blame heli if u was crash it to the solid floor!!!

  • henk desteen:

    every time he crashes a heli he is sad 😛

  • Puff:

    on the bright side you have a grip of spare parts for the new heli's

  • Landon Lockhart:

    You are a funny dude Ali. That's all I know.

  • 1205juergen:

    That was a very expensive day for you …..

  • Egor Glukhov:

    last yelow one…today i had a same power loss …from now i stop buying cheap hellis and one said im too poor to buy cheap things.tested and proved 🙂

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