Air Hogs Helix X4 Stunt RC Quadcopter Review

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It falls short of all the marketing hype that’s on the box. I wouldn’t consider the Helix X4 as a “Stunt” quadcopter and while it does do 3 different types of flips, it doesn’t do a great job at them. I still love the look and how it’s almost indestructible. While it’s tricky to fly it’s still pretty fun. AirHogs products are geared more towards a younger audience . I always liked the way the giant gun ship looked in Avatar and this quadcopter has that look and feel to it. I might give it an olive green paint job. The ducted fans add a cool look and protect you and the blades from getting hurt. The body is made out of a very durable soft foam that will withstand a lot of crashes. It’s all around protected very well and it this thing hits you or a wall it should just bounce off. I can’t think of a safer quadcopter to fly around kids and pets.

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