Air Hog Havoc Striker RC Heli Review

Bought the Air Hogs Havoc Striker Micro RC Helicopter. It was only because Wall Mart matched their online Christmas price. Its pretty fun to fly it around and easy to use. It took me a few flight to get the hang of it. It is very durable and can withstand a lot of crashing. Overall, awesome little toy!
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9 Responses to “Air Hog Havoc Striker RC Heli Review”

  • Arif:

    how to make it move forward

  • naman shah:

    Its battery get over in few minutes and need to charge agian so do u know to fix this

  • Shane McCormack:

    My Havoc Striker Costed 20 Bucks At WALMART

  • Shane McCormack:

    I Also Have SYMA Copters That Are Easy To Fly.

  • Shane McCormack:

    I Got The Havoc Striker For Christmas And It Was Yellow. It Flew Perfect And My Havoc Striker Only Spins A Tiny Bit. And The Trim Was Fine. 🙂

  • Lilbunbun559:

    How do you fix the anti spin

  • jason618:

    i had one and it would not trim. i had to go back to the store 3 time before i could get one that could trim.

  • Hocak1:

    I can't get mine to trim out. Mine keeps spinning counter-clockwise and I used the trim button to the full extent, which helped slow the spinning, but it still spins. I even added weight to the nose, but still can't stop it from spinning.

  • Swagmoney Yolo:

    15?? mine was 29.96 and i had to buy batteries with it wtf. and it says it's for begginenrs but i cant figure out how to fly the shit

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