AeroFly RC8 – THE #1 RC Flight Simulator – P1: Getting Started

How to get THE best RC Flight Simulator set up & running 🙂
Link to the downloader: Trial download no longer available 🙁
The radio I used:

Main page of Ikarus:


Equipent I use:
FrSky Horus X10S:
FlySky NV14 Nirvana:
TopSky F7X V2 FPV Goggle:

Indoors camera: Canon 5D mkIII
Lens: Tamron 28-75 2.8

Outdoors camera’s:
+ SJcam SJ8 Pro:
+ Runcam 3 cube
+ Runcam 2:

+ Mustool MT826 Multimeter:
+ TS100 portable soldering iron:
+ ToolCraft ST-100D soldering station
+ Steinel Gluematic 3002 hotglue gun
+ several Dremel’s

My Instagram page:

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17 Responses to “AeroFly RC8 – THE #1 RC Flight Simulator – P1: Getting Started”

  • stud man:

    I had that plane in real life years ago. It doesn't fly that fast or that aerobatic

  • Jud -AsinSmith- Stansell:

    Is there a flight slim that the monitor simulates how I would be flying looking through the goggles (without wearing goggles)? I badly need the practice. Never done plane FPV.

  • Slightly Twisted:

    I'm pretty sure Real Flight it the #1 flight simulator

  • Greedy Paul:

    Hey there. Got this earlier this week. I've got a radio that needs a dongle. Ordered one from hobby king and will be getting it today. Super excited to finally have a good high quality simulator.

  • Mikael Andersson:

    Thank you for all your great videos.
    I have the aero flight 8 and a jumper T16,it works great but my apple mini gets overheated and it starts lagging.
    What PC would you recommend to run the program, I’m ready to upgrade.
    And after you activate it, it will not go back to the home screen.
    Happy New Year ??

  • Fred’s Hobby:

    Hi again, thanks for the videos, I'm really finding it hard to set up my open tx helicopter model on the nirvana nv14, inputs mixers and so… could you share the heli bin model file of open tx? I've so many helis but can't use them on open tx, your help will be much appreciated as always, thank you

  • menacegtr:

    Is it worth getting this over 7 ultimate? If yes can you explain why. Good video and am tempted but as said, i have Aerofly 7 Ultimate.

  • Stringfellow Hawke:

    I would need a sample 3d heli to test, to see if it's realistic or not.

  • ?????? ??????:

    I don’t find where to download the trial version, I want to watch the trial version before buying this simulator, tell me where I can find the trial version.

  • randallpatrickc:

    Nice. Bought it. Have you figured out how to setup the "usual" switches and knobs to control things. And, can it read your expo settings?

  • W Hoggdoc:

    Useless to MAC users!

  • brad kay:

    I will need a dongle I have an old spektrum

  • Garry Nutter:

    Loved the way the home screen came on the 1st time and you switched back and the plane was inverted. But carried like a true pro. Thanks very much for this video Dutch. Stunning.

  • JaRCo de Rover:

    Aerofly is superrrr!!

  • Knowhere:

    Excellent! That was easy indeed 🙂 thanks bro!
    that radio though! :O

  • MC's Creations:

    Looks pretty nice! ?
    Maybe I try it!!!

  • sator rotas:

    Really great simulator , awesome video !!

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