6 year old lands RC helicopter on his hand

6 year old flying the EXtreme 3-3.5g so well he can land it on his hand.
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Control of precise aggressive maneuvers with an autonomous quadrotor helicopter. This is a small autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). Demonstrations of …
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20 Responses to “6 year old lands RC helicopter on his hand”

  • khbkb:

    Not a flawless maneuver as you can hear the Quadrotor repeatedly nicking the edge of the “window”? 0:51

    and yes, I could do better…but not really.

  • Kila Young:

    What flight controllers are you? using? INSANE!

  • overurmomsdeadbody:

    How the fuck? did u make those

  • jpjscott:

    Small quadrotors with precision? flying innovations are quite clearly neither well suited, nor developed for the purposes of hauling relief supplies. Similarly, while maintaining position is important for filming, the maneuvers shown above add nothing substantial to filming capabilities. Right now, the only application that gains immediate benefit from these innovations is surveillance. It is my hope that there will be more development aimed towards humanitarian and entertainment purposes.

  • jpjscott:

    When this amazing engineering is being used primarily for the purpose of governments spying on their own citizenry, creating a situation where technology’s primary purpose as of development is to infringe on the freedoms of the average person, YES? it makes the human race get worse. The technology itself is amazing, but the applications of it (which are driving it’s funding and shaping it’s development) are downright chilling.

  • nateo200:

    So amazing engineering makes the human race get worse? Alright cave? man…

  • Saad Taame:

    The? best quadrotors around.

  • airesivan:

    Please tell me where can I buy one of yours? guys

  • Michael Pomeroy:

    amazing precision and flight control.?

  • Michael Pomeroy:

    You construct sentences well for? someone with down syndrome.

  • Veqtor:

    agreed, these quadrotors will be used to deliver disaster relief in areas? that would otherwise be inaccesible and is being used to film movies like skyfall and loads of tv production companies use them because they’re a lot safer than flying a huge helicopter just to get an aerial shot.

  • beauzero:

    Seriously cool? tech. Well done.

  • GreenLightMe:

    this was? in 2010, the one being released in 2014 uses mapping tech to maneuver through any building.

  • Cuthbert Nibbles:

    0:17 Shoot, I? though you meant the OS. There’s no flying through that!


  • KDanagger:

    Not when it? falls into the wrong hands – such as the military of a corrupt government… These criminals are always looking for ways to exploit new technologies to control and murder people.
    Look around the world and see the facts.

  • remotecontrolaholic:

    This technology is to help people,? not compromise their freedom.


    This is as beautiful as watching a dragonfly.?

  • Edwin Borjas:

    Eso si es presicion?

  • Radoslaw Biernacki:

    How you can say? that it is autonomous when it uses “20 cameras” 😀 😀 😀 it is not autonomous, you use big computers to calculate the trajectories and then send this data to quadro. It would be autonomous if all this stuff including orientation in space will be computed on board the quadro. And you need really fast 3D camera or other positioning system for that (such as laser 3D scanner).

  • Hexcelsus:

    really nice flying..I am currently trying to finish a? quad copter with a friend.. however our qua does not hover as smooth as yours..

    what gyro system did you use?

    Can you send me a complete list of parts and blueprint..so I can rebuild your quad?

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