6 Channel 3D Helicopter: Lesson on Transmitter

http://www.rcreview.co.cc/ Here is a video i made to tell beginners like me how to use their 6 Channel transmitter. The 2 switches on the top are unknown unl…
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  • Daphne Blake:

    I’m new to heli’s… wanting to know what are on the 6 chanels. throtle obviously, r/l cyclic, fore/aft cyclic, tail? rotor pitch, and collective pitch (mixed with throttle). (thats 5 chanels, what’s on the last one?)

  • RyanMcdonald12:

    thankyou this was very? helpfull

  • Helol5:

    Dude you? deserve way more views

  • Ibushi:

    Thank you. I’ve been looking all over and finally found a video that explained where to control the? pitch.

  • RcReview2:

    Yes it is. I always damage my shaft. it sucks? to buy new ones!

  • RcReview2:

    i? will! thanks!

  • paraflightschool:

    you should stay on plastic untill you? can do 3d

  • RcReview2:

    @robotronn2084 Yea the rotor head is the thing that usually breaks in a crash. The main shaft is easily replicable. I recommend going to hobbypartz and buying a whole new head (trex/EXI) that way when you? crash you have a nice replacement that is cheap!

  • robotronn2084:

    Aggrh! My video cam glasses didn’t come in so I didn’t get to record the fixing of the feathering shaft, but I fixed it in about 15 minutes. Was my? first time, but it was very easy considering some other types of repairs that have to be done to helis. From what I hear, feathering shaft fixing is one of the most important ones to learn because bent feathering shafts is 1 of the most common damages done to the rotor assembly.

  • RcReview2:

    ok thanks! I barley have anytime to practice because yea im at school from 7:30 to 5 everyday. i only have? the weekend.

  • robotronn2084:

    Yep. If you have the time, you will eventually get better at it. I’m guessing you’re at school all day, and I’m at work, so our morning to half day time is all gone. The only time to train is in the late afternoon/early evening, and that’s IF you’re not too tired. Best times to train for many people are on the weekends. I’m going to make a vid this weekend on how to replace the feathering? shaft on my walkera v120d02. You’ll get the notice when I post it.

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