3d Printed RC Helicopter-Spool Up Test (tethered)

Out of ground effect test ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFpsWQd_GqU )

A RC helicopter, (700 class) was made on a desktop 3d printer. CNC machined parts would be too expensive, so 100 times cheaper, 3d printed parts are used instead. 3d printing in thermoplastics for mechanically complex structural applications, saves thousands of dollars compared to CNC machined parts. The weight of the heli is 10 pounds. The ABS parts were printed on the UP! desktop 3d printer. All the white parts are 3d printed in ABS except the rotors. The non printed parts are all mass produced. The mass produced parts include steel fasteners, plastic Dubro ball links, fiberglass HK 430 rotors, and extruded aluminum tubes. The CAD files were drawn in Viacad.
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