250 FPV mini quadcopter shootout (part 1)

FPV RC mini quadcopters are hot and in this video series I compare the following machines:
– Blackout Mini H
– Blackout Mini H with 6″ props
– ZMR250
– QAV250 carbon
– MXP230
– MXP230 Elite (carbon).

Which is the best mini racing quadcopter for you?

Blackout mini H videos:

Excellent QAV250 videos

MXP230 videos:

just search YouTube, there’s stuff there.
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16 Responses to “250 FPV mini quadcopter shootout (part 1)”

  • theturtle _:

    is there a way that I can make my 250 quad a little bigger?

  • Steve C:

    Your advice to just get a mini quad and build it up would be comical if it weren't so sad!  I've been trying to build one for a year and a half and have yet to get as far as trying to arm it since I've been plagued with nothing but defective parts and buggy software!  There seem to be so many companies out there selling worthless junk and programmers making crappy software that won't even run that I don't know how anyone could ever get one of these to fly!?

  • Jules Schubert:

    First of all thank you for this wonderful shootout video. As Christmas is coming soon, I'd like to ask you if you could possibly make a part 2 (because the models you compared seem to be out of date)? The blackout for example isn't for sale any more. Thank you and sorry for my weak English?

  • Ken Stovall:

    Is it practical to add a GPS to my Mini QAV-250 until I get more familiar with flying and handling it ?? I've been flying a DJI Phantom 2+ and Phantom 3 Pro which is very easy as everyone know do to the GPS….Thanks for any advice !!?

  • LogansPortPilot RP:

    I think to really compare ,you should use same motor, esc, flight controller to really weigh up the diff flight chacteristics?

  • LogansPortPilot RP:

    Bruce when r u going to fly these things ??

  • Cool Edits:

    What do you think of the pwr distribution board for the qav250? it cost like $10. so I'm worried about quality.?

  • christopher p joe:

    the qav250 has tilted extension for 6" prop support?

  • Christopher Morley:

    Brilliant review. Thank you so much. I really enjoy your videos, hugely informative and nice to watch. I've only been into racing quads for a few weeks, so I am on a very steep learning curve. I very much liked your suggestion of bringing the batteries to the centre and I will do that. Currently I have my drone suspended from the ceiling when not in use and that really brings home how far back the centre of gravity shifts with a battery fitted at the rear, even with my Mobius as far forward as it will go.

    There is another advantage of putting the battery at the centre and that is aerodynamics, something I've not heard anyone mention. The mobius or GoPro fitted on the top deck is already disrupting air flow, so a battery sitting behind that will probably only smooth or lessen the disruption, if it has any effect at all. You could then fit the receiver where the battery used to go and that will greatly reduce air drag as the antenna will now sit a good inch lower than before. I shall try that tomorrow if I get time. I currently have one budget racing drone so I am on the look out for something a little better as the second. From your video I think I am leaning towards a QAV with NAS board, 4S battery, with voltage compatible motors, escs and receiver.?

  • Gary “Kenneth” Ward:

    For you death penalty opponents, this video is a perfect alternative to capitol punishment where this video's pilot talks the condemned inmate to death.?

  • MadBird:

    Absolutely fantastic review it was very engaging and informative. It's such a shame there are sooooo many 250's on the market, makes it very difficult to make a choice.?

  • Bunny_Ninja:

    Bruce, you can now buy not only qav250 arm extensions to fit 6'' props, but they also now have angled arm extensions as well as flat extensions.?

  • Optamizm:

    Bruce, the QAV250 Carbon Edition has a 3mm frame, not a 6mm frame…?

  • Invitingsauce:

    Just found your channel Bruce. Also like your xjet. Great information all around. I'm in the U.S. And your still the #1 source for quad rotors and small electronics. Great job! And please, Fly illegally if you have too,(I'll send cash for court fees and bail money if you need it) please don't ever stop. So much fun to watch?

  • Josh fpv:


  • jelle buyckx:

    hi bruce, i am a fpv airplane pilot for a long time, a couple of monts ago i desided to get into the multirotors. bought myself a tiny micro quad and been practice my quad flying. now i feel like i am ready. but i have a hard time to choise a multirotor thats great for me… i been looking in the miniquads, couse they are really cheap, was looking to the qav250 frame, 2205 emax motors and 12 a emax simonk ecs. (first off what do you think of that setup?) but then again, on second thought, i do want a frame big enough so i can in the future put a autopilot gps on it whit osd and all the fansy stuff. and like i sayed i have been flying aircraft and got a lot of pretty bulky and heavy fpv gear and big batterys like 5000 mah 3 cell. so even though i alsow have a lot of 2200 mah 3cell lipos, and i got off couse 5.8ghz 200mw transmitters, i do want to be able to put my hi-end fvp gear on there to (1.2ghz 1watt and uhf rc transmitter, my gopro) so i would be nice to have a rig that alsow can carry the 5000 mah lipos couse i have tons laying around in the house. and even maybe be able to carry a gopro gimbal… i guess if i want all of that i need to look to the 450class quads ore some sort? but i want it to be fast and agile to if i desite to go race it… 450 class seems so bulky to me already, ore maybe a 600 class tricopeter… but you dont really have experience using tricopters right? what whould u do in my case? i guess just get a miniquad and a 450 class? :) but i dont have enough savings for that… can u alsow tell me what u find of the qav setup i typed above plz? is it any good? are do you have any suggestions that make it better. plz reply
    already thanks,
    best regards?

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