200 SRX with D56MG servos

Still in the prototype stage for mounting them but they work great with no gain adjustments. More to follow…


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  • @otispotis47:

    Did you ever make adapters for the D56MG to the 200 srx. I purchased 2 and wanted idea how to mount.

  • @scaneagle62:

    Why wouldn't they work in all modes, a servo is a servo right?

  • @localrawdy867:


  • @rossimessi1:

    Same question. are these still working for you? are they good in all modes? and have they shortened the flight time?

  • @joshkis23:

    Looking for alternative servos for 200srx around the web.
    Pico 40 – not produced anymore
    Emax – digital. was told they would not work with the 200srx.

    now your solution it's a Turnigy right?
    it's also digital and seems to work

    but does it work in all modes? not only expert i mean.
    do the digital servos reduce your flight time? if so – how long's your flight time now?

    any help with the servo upgrad really appreciated!

  • @arturpauls6032:

    how do you adjust to zero your servos?

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