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We’ve been in the RC hobby for a long time, no really, a looong time and have seen a lot of new people enter the hobby while hanging out at shops and tracks. Over the years we’ve seen common recurrences in newbie mistakes. So in order to help future newbies get into the hobby with ease we made a list of ten mistakes to avoid. These mistakes to look out for cover both electric and nitro RC vehicles. Some tips are things to remember right off the bat while others are things you should always keep in mind, even if you eventually hit the race track. Our mission is to help you be prepared in the RC hobby and after watching this video we hope it leads to more RC fun.

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10 Responses to “10 RC Newbie Mistakes To Avoid – RC Driver”

  • dragon god XxproxX:

    My first rc car was a camaro

  • Modern Muscle 180:

    my newbie mistake was to listen to my local hobby shop. they sold me a nickle charger for a LiPo battery. Me being a newbie who doesn't know crap, didn't know any better. Long story short, it severely overcharged my Lipo battery and burned out the RC motor on the first use. the hobby store guy later said that i should've been paying more attention and it cost me a few hundred bucks for his bad advice…..

  • Nunya Bizziness:

    You forgot to stress the fact of, making sure the charger is made for Lipo, if you have LIPO batteries. Battery will explode, if you charge a LIPO with any charger not made for Lipo. ALSO, USE A BATTERY BAG, OR AMMO BOX to store and/charge your batteries.

  • Judy morrone:

    would a mini crawler be better than a big one

  • Michael Robinson:

    Boo I love my nitro

  • Ryan Nault:

    I have a rock force 4×4 rc buggy and a piece in the wheel broke so it doesn't drive straight and it makes a loud noise when driving anyone have a clue how to fix that

  • Phu Phan:

    How to avoid head pull up of rc car

  • Muhammed Usman:

    On male

  • ToolNiche:

    Just bought my first rc car ever. I got the rustle 4×4 brushless motor

  • Augusts Usins:

    when i got my first rc car i readed the manual but my friend when got his rc didnt even look on manual and didnt set the antenna

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