RC Helicopter – Transmitter Ray Projection

Flight simulation for PCs – VR Ready for an exciting virtual reality experience – Target download date is later this year 2020. Planes, quads and cars are to be added in the future.

The mouse (via ray projection) can optionally be used to operate the sticks, which works the models controls just the same as when you work the sticks with your hands.

For example, you can try to fly a helicopter using your left hand to work the left stick and the mouse to control the right stick. However, doing this might be considered being silly, but it’s nothing to be ashamed of if you try it.

Various parameters and messages are displayed on the Tx screens, which can be centred by rolling the Tx control-ball which adjusts the text position.

Ray projection is useful because both the Tx and CP can be moved/zoomed and rotated within 3D space, which requires collision detection of the mouse pointer intersecting the controls.

Additional mechanics & control demonstrations can be found here: https://www.rcsimanic.com/video-collection/mechanics-controls.php


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