Phoenix R/C 5 First impressions – GamerMuscle Simulation

Its time to jump in and play Phoenix RC , this RC simulator is supposedly “The professional Radio Control Flight Simulator” and from what people say on the internet its meant to be one of the best.

In this video we load it up take a look and see what you get in the box, this is very much a first impression and as will be immediately apparent I have some way to go in RC flight skills.

For some strange reason they don’t sell phoenix on their own website and you can only buy the game/sim from obscure places but if you want to read up on the sim check out the website and if you want to buy it check out Ebay or your local model shop, but be warned its not cheep !

The version we picked up is the one with the DX5E included which costs between £60-£300 And you thought sim-racing cost the earth !

Non the less its fantastic fun and if you were going to spent 100-4k on a real RC chopper then I’m sure you would want to spend some time on a sim first !

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13 Responses to “Phoenix R/C 5 First impressions – GamerMuscle Simulation”

  • BasementEngineer:

    The word gets thrown around a lot in the world of RC and has been for decades, but I have a really rough time thinking of RC flying as a 'profession' of any kind!!
    Anyway, Phoenix looks nice and has a pretty decent representation of model aircraft handling characteristics. It's a training tool more than a game and gets dull pretty quickly, like any RC sim. However, it's a fantastic tool for novices because it's great for developing the mental frame-of-reference (sense of orientation) required for the flying hobby. You get unlimited free crashes in a sim, which means you can practice until you're blue in the face without forking over tons of bread for replacement models :)
    For people who have more flying experience, it's good for practicing your aerobatics without crunching up any expensive models.
    I'd say it's a far stretch to claim that any of these sims handle just like real model aircraft, though. There seems to be a massive emphasis on graphics for some reason, which is totally unnecessary for a training tool and only eats up development funds and time which could be better spent on recreating the aircraft's finer handling nuances.?

  • Daniel Lee:

    Great review…TY!!!!?

  • Alpine Ace:

    You need to learn to use the rudder…. Or even a 4 Channel trainer before you try to hover a 3D performance airplane. XD?

  • Aling T-rex 800:

    this was not youre fist time that you fly on the simulater?

  • Alex Reigle:

    Why would you make this video? We don't need more rookies so keep it to yourself.?

  • Alex Reigle:

    Why would you make this video? We don't need more rookies so keep it to yourself. Put it on your blog?

  • Zsavage1:

    absolutely the wrong person to be even trying to review this product..  pfff?

  • The Truman Show:

    fyi real helicopters are collective pitch?

  • Peter Kabasser:

    Thanks for the presentation. How did you record your presentation, inclusive the demonstration of the flights? Which desktoprecording programm did you use?
    Thanks for your answer! Peter?

  • MrDeekaph:

    @3:30 I loaded the airwolf theme in a background window. Much win.?

  • Elios0000:

    its called a Transmitter or just TX
    and its for aircraft only the ver of radio protocol doesnt work for surface stuff ?

  • fullymental307:

    dat a10 doe?

  • Mike Parts:

    What is scaled? Big boy planes??

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