FPV Mini Quadcopter Drone Racing Track Scouting

Overview of the the FunCity GoKart FPV Racing Venue that Melbourne Multirotor Racing Club organised. This was a very small and tight track but still very flowing and the guys loved it.

Special thanks to MMRC for organising this venue and also to Dale who was the one running around the track and getting all the ground shots of this race between Thomas and Ryan.

In the previous video a number of people asked how the lap times on the the mini quads compared to the GoKarts. The fastest GoKart Lap time according to FunCity is 10:22 seconds and during the race video I posted last week, the Mini Quads were lapping in the 9:30 region! Keep in mind both of the guys were still getting a feel for the circuit 😀

Thomas is flying a 3S Minion 220 here running Dragonfly MC1806 motors. Need to change the camera so we can take it up to 4S. His Bolt should be ready for the next meet

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