F-Series F645 RC Helicopter 4 Channel FPV Test Flight 600′

Screening out my new F-Series F645 RC Helicopter. It is a several channel rookie RC Heli that you can fly outside the house with no problems. It flies as simple as a three Channel only it has a gyro and equilibrium bar so it self stabilizes. If you tried using this with a Volitation it would have blown away by the wind however, I feel this would be a wonderful upgrade from the Volitation. Here it is: gofasthobby.com I place a tiny high definition camera on the f645, for a minor little bit of FPV and the flight arrived at heights of about 600′. The flight seamed good only the digital camera mount could have been better and the wind was blowing the helicopter a little bit. All round the flight traits was effortless to management and it handled fantastic, but I had to quit simply because the radio seamed to be dropping signal. So I guess that is as higher as it will go with no difficulties. I believe this is an great heli. I received mine at Gofasthobby dot com, they are a nearby Passion Shop in El Monte but I requested mine at their on the web store.
Video clip Rating: 4 / 5


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  • davidballartist:

    Yes the MJX F Series F645 comes standard with 2.4ghz
    I added a link to the video description on where you can? buy one.

  • Cycology101:

    How fast do you think? it goes? I was thinking of filming cyclists racing from a support vehicle.

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