Car chase with a RC Helicopter aerial filming with 7d

Car chase with a RC Helicopter aerial filming with 7d Go “Outside of the crane” on your up coming movie or online video generation task, get these shots you can never get with a crane. Examine out the flyovers, fly by the facet of the motion, follow a car chase, all attainable with a RC Helicopter movie crew filming with a Canon 7d in High definition 1080p. Give us a get in touch with we vacation internationally. We have Filmed Audio Videos, Discovery Channel, Nat Geo, Intense Sports activities, NHRA drags, Hawaii Surf contests, boat commercials, vehicle commercials, Actuality Television exhibits, occasions, and weddings. All have used our RC Aerial Helicopter to bring in “that shot” not attainable any other way.
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If you loved this, share it on Fb, embed it at your preferred RC forum or just “like” it! – I invited a neighborhood Youtuber and superb RC heli pilot, Matt from Jackismycopilot more than to film him flying his Blade mCPx. Very extraordinary flying-capabilities as he used his very small RC helicopter to slice up weeds, dandelions and spaghetti. Who understood it could be carried out? – As you can see, this heli is very long lasting. This was a surprise to me due to the fact I usually assumed RC helis have been extremely vulnerable. – Verify out more wonderful flying listed here:
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  • Mi6Films:

    The Pilot is in full line of sight of the helicopter? at all times, there is no FPV system, just good old eyeballs. They are chasing the red car in a chase Van about 50 meters to the rear. They do have a live view of the camera capture via radio system from the camera back to the van, view on a live monitor. Thanks for the question Mi6 Films

  • Mi6Films:

    The actual footage captured is what the Director of Photography wished, he is an award winning director for Music Videos, this was for MTV,? so the footage is what they wanted, has nothing to do with our company. FYI.

  • Mi6Films:

    Thanks for the note, the common item for production companies in POST to use a de-shaker program in Final Cut Pro to smooth out the helicopter shots, no matter captured with a Canon or Epic X, RC Helicopter or our Robinson R44 out the back door, both have some shake, this is normal. These clips are intentionally RAW footage, to show what the system can? capture. Take a look at the final MTV Music Video after post you will not see any shake. Thanks for the comment. Mi6 Films

  • Mi6Films:

    Thanks for the comment, The pilot is following behind the red car in a chase van, operating the RC Helicopter, a second person in? the van operates the camera on live view monitor with the production director of photography, seeing the live video feed. The pilot is in full sight of the helicopter at all times. You can see still photos of the car with chase van RC Helicopter in the middle on our web site, cheers Mi6 Films

  • josue torres:

    Were and who is controling? it wait its fake!!!!!!!

  • Aidaaannn:

    Has this got? fpv on it? cause how does the helicopter controller see where its going? etc

  • blizzardx23x:

    Plenty of other examples online show MUCH better footage..the shake has nothing to do with? the horrible operation of the heli

  • blizzardx23x:

    I was looking at their website because I’m in need of a remote RC for my car commercial..needs to hold a Red Epic…after seeing this demo, I will NOT be calling them…guess I’ll contact someone else…this? quality is no where NEAR worth their pricing!!

  • TheeAirworks:

    actauly they do have stabilization , as canon cameras the stabilization is in the lens , not the cbody. thats all do to a shaky rig , not? the camera.
    when they show the heli hovering its very unstable looking with lots of “bobble”(tail ,up and down)

  • Jon Merriott:

    If those are the results with a 7d then? its actually pretty damn good, the Eos models have no anti shake for video – try filming something with one keeping your hands as steady as possible and it’ll look like the worst crap ever for shakes. So this is actually very steady in most of the shots. And its a tiny helicopter which everyone knows is really cool anyway!

  • Lucassandro25:

    with some anti shake software that footage could? be really smooth

  • GunnerMilligan:

    Really nice results!What is the top? speed that you can still get good usable footage at?

  • mrmcclear:

    pretty shaky and unusable…? right?

  • stogi5959:

    i wish i could drive into the sunset with? a corvette :'(

  • david1991rules4life:

    yer,? point valid 😉

  • taofledermaus:

    Haha! ? At least it doubles as a leaf blower!

  • david1991rules4life:

    Very wasteful and ineffective way to chop weeds? but a cool fun way LOL!

  • Alex Morrison:

    NO CHILD DO NOT STICK YOU’RE FINGER THERE NOOOOOO !!!!. Lol? am i right or not ?.

  • taofledermaus:


  • taofledermaus:

    Thank? you!

  • weaponeer:

    very fun? video

  • ViolentKisses87:

    Tree trimming business’s? in my area look out I just bought a Blade mCPx

  • ryukenosuke:

    Hahaha, this is a great? little idea. Your videos are always a treat to watch.

  • stupidcriket2:

    that is f-ing sweet?

  • taofledermaus:

    It wasn’t much bigger than an Air Hogs? heli.

  • taofledermaus:

    Same here. I have? an Air Hog with the little video camera on it but I can only fly it about 5 seconds before it crashes

  • taofledermaus:

    He has quite a few videos. I’ve been trying to catch? up on them.

  • pumpotheclown:

    Holy shitsnacks,? that’s cool!

  • mrbadx19:

    damn, i just looked that one up, less? than 2 ounces! mine’s almost a pound with twin 21″ rotors…

  • mrbadx19:

    most awesomer! my final parts for my first big heli are coming next tuesday, mine can’t fly inverted, will have to look into that? for my next. but chopping up stuff and chasing birds are on my menu of “things to do” (maybe even attach a couple razor blades on the rotor blades!) >:)

  • homeagent:


  • taofledermaus:

    I started out real nervous that he might break his heli but he kept asking for bigger things to chop? up and more spaghetti!

  • cressy7isback:

    is that? why there called choppers lol RUN TO THE CHOPPA 😉

  • SamIves85:

    towel flannel mounts??

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