BIG Helicopter RC Crash!!!

BIG Helicopter RC Crash!!!

Trophy “Len Mount” Scale Helicopter Spain 2013.
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My thanks to the organizers for their kindly help in the making of this video.
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18 Responses to “BIG Helicopter RC Crash!!!”

  • Ricardo Avila:

    Just cause 2*?

  • Ricardo Avila:

    XD lol the rolinson of justo cause 2 xDD?

  • irfan FIKRI:

    its look struggling even before take off… beautiful R22…?

  • Kamaroman:

    Sounds lean?

  • tobagotb10:

    Interesting. It flies and lands just like the real R22.?

  • juan sanchez:

    yes to sad he crash but yes this heli have many issues the engine sound lean to me I don't see that much RPM at main blades pilot error 100% hope he fly better next time.?

  • I Scoot:

    crash at 4:32?

  • obese1konobe:

    So realistic the model was also a POS like the full scale original?

  • Van Litespeed:

    That heli was built poorly and despite obvious vibration issues continued on and the engine was severely under powered. Don't have any sympathy, the pilot brought this on himself. Machine should've been packed up for home, fixed out of balance parts and get a better power plant. What's a waste. ?

  • Mike Day:

    She seemed to undergo some gyro vibratory eskrewshufication right before coming down.?

  • Clive Sinclair:

    A lot of vibration for such a big model. Out of balance blades, or tracking not spot on??

  • digranni:

    The pilot survivor??

  • Darren-Edward Oneill:

    Noticed a 'twitch' or what looked like a radio glitch moments before she lost altitude and went in. Then there's the unusual vibration throughout and a real bad instability that in my opinion rendered this bird unsafe and certainly not display worthy – she could have ended up anywhere and there's nothing like a large scale heli to ruin a spectators hairdo! Fly safe(er) chaps?

  • Mitchell Peterson:

    Simply amazing to see all the trash talking works of art that posted here. You're stinking up the place….rude fucking assholes!!?

  • xxxxxx:

    Maniacs… What a Bullshit and waist of Time and Money! ?

  • Pancho planet:

    Try zooming out for a change. Very wierd to look at. Thumbs down. ?

  • iPilott4411:

    tried to hover nose in?

  • endwood:

    crashed like the real ones do, 4ever!:-)?

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