Aeolian Storm 450 PRO 3D Torque-Tube Helicopter RC Heli Kit Carbon Fiber and CNC Upgrade

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Skyartec WaspV3 I’m having fun learning how to fly this helicopter.


7 Responses to “Aeolian Storm 450 PRO 3D Torque-Tube Helicopter RC Heli Kit Carbon Fiber and CNC Upgrade”

  • hacker8675309:

    I dont know to be honest.. I have? not flew either of them .. this heli I gave to buddy to put together and I still have not got it back from him LOL so I have not even flew this one …

  • 22NiggaPlease:

    whats better? the storm 450 or the titan ?

  • hacker8675309:

    still have not flew it… had my buddy try to put it together and? he has not got it done yet.. he is slacking but I got it free so I dont care… I am not to much of a heli guy

  • rent2ownnz:

    Are these any good? or just rubbish…. seems to be bugga all suppliers… so did you actually fly this thing ? or is it just another paper weight? Interested to see what you found…. from the research I have done I have found the? Aeolian Storm 450 PRO actually has a tail rotor shaft drive. the V2 has belt drive to the tail rotor…..
    anyone with any information please let me [email protected]! Cheers PM me if you must!

  • Spoonfeederxxx1:

    I have to say, I was excited about getting this heli, as I’ve been practicing on a co-axle, but it soon turned to huge disappointment.

    The first thing I noticed was the transmitter was poorly put together and just looked cheap and nasty. The helicopter pulls to the right the whole time and have no idea why. Then to top it all off, I haven’t even got it off the ground and flying? and? the main rotor shaft sheered off like a knife through butter. This product is rubbish.

  • MrKnight71975:

    I just? got the wasp v3.& I cant get my instrctn video 2play on anything.wonder if u had same prob?

  • keith18ad:

    tis? ready to fly i think straight out :} and you can look to further smaller details later on

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