Carbon fiber vs. wooden 450 size rc helicopter blades

This is a quick vid on the differences between carbon blades and wooden blades the carbon is explained and so is the wood carbon is better in my opinion.
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6 Responses to “Carbon fiber vs. wooden 450 size rc helicopter blades”

  • Kyle Ross:

    You might think about mid-range wood blades, woodies are nice because if
    your in a bad crash they break, and sometimes save the rotor head. But
    those belt cp blades are crap. I wouldn’t even use them on the first
    flight. I’d get some align 325 woodies.

  • Here's To Gaming:

    And you can’t spell, what’s your point?

  • alexztyphoon:

    @Diemerstein you use shims

  • Diemerstein:

    What do you use to make up the slop on the blade grips when you replace the
    standard blades with the carbon fiber ones?


    haha *painted


    buy pained blades if you use wood

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