ESKY Honey Bee CPX Promo

I am totally honored to be the 1st at any time individual to put on the videos of ESKYs hottest helis. This is Honey Bee CPX, a CCPM helicopter with tail rotor driven by a strong motor. Created in three in one particular receiver with an smart gyro wont let you feel that you are flying a belt Pushed ESKY heli or a Motor pushed tail rotor Helicopter. This helicopter does an great task when it will come to a six Channel Helicopter with Tail Driven motor. Flies entirely steady in typical method and super fast and steady in idle up manner. Idle up method listed here wont give you full 3D Functions however but its does an wonderful task for rapidly sports activities mode flight. Get pleasure from the maiden flight promo. More movies of Honey Bee CPX flight and Idle up aerobatics will comply with. Remarks and opinions welcome at [email protected] or [email protected] Don’t forget to examine, http and
Video clip Score: four / five

Here’s my Esky Lama V4 that has been modified. It does not appear anything like the authentic. I even swapped out the receiver board on the 4in1 so I can use it with my FlySky/Turnigy 9x transmitter. Here’s how to swap out the receiver so you can use it with other transmitters.


26 Responses to “ESKY Honey Bee CPX Promo”

  • Max Stumpf:

    can it? carry a gopro?

  • TheWorldisnothing:

    i? like this Heli,but i dislike this guy!

  • Timi116:

    wow, very nice helicopter, I will get myselfe one of these!

    Is it controlable in windy weather (like winds? from 5 – 15 km/h) ?

  • jpdecrescenzo:

    I saw your crash video. So is it worth buying if I need a new body after? a crash?

  • fighter5347:

    What ist better?? This heli ore the Blade? SR??


    wenn ich schon wieder das gewürge vom heckrotor höre -? wird mia schlcht

  • JollySwagman2006:

    New Honey Bee CPX looks awesome , very nice flyer? too,

  • alishanmao:

    nah,? its something different

  • juroxzg3:

    hahahahah Funny? Little Heli 😀

  • alishanmao:

    I have never flown Blade SR. I have flown all sorta helis 3ch, 4ch, 6ch and fly big ones too. So as per my skills and? experience, I found it to be very stable and a fun to fly Heli.

  • George Bush:

    Looks and sounds? GREAT!

  • jthornley12:

    hmmmm well they have a good parts backup for ACME 1/10? stuff, dunno about heli’s :) Also the ACME 1/8 Have arrived, with parts too 😀

  • Silvertinge291:

    any idea on pricing of this model? Looks fantastic.

    Now when they say it has stable flight,? do they mean its a stable CP like the Blade SR?

  • alishanmao:

    Its CP? My man

  • alishanmao:

    Yup I will check that out too.? But basically that is Belt CP V2 with a shell, just like HBK4 is basically a King 3 inside a shell. But I like Honey bee CPX Shell Much better.

  • alishanmao:

    Maybe, But if they did, there will be? no parts cuz I was told NitroTek has no parts for anything lol. they just sell stuff.

  • edaurdocordeiro:

    this is shit?

  • TheSkeeve666:

    what no brushless? it is awsome with brushless motors, i have all the same upgrades apart from the carbon body its stock, but i have brushless motors and a micro giro. get brushless and u will have a sweet bird. also take? off the battery monitor its not needed if you have set your esc`s up correctly they will just reduce power or blip (depending on your esc) when the power is getting near the minimum the extra weight isnt needed.

  • 1205juergen:

    Very well indoor heli …?

  • G1GODnB:

    nice bro!?

  • jose carlos Cassimiliano:

    canopy hk? 250gt C=

  • izwanmohd:

    Dude it works flawlessly!? with the 4-1 RX 35mhz, I post my buildlog and my mod laters, your video realy open up my mine! my Lama v4 it alive again! thank so much for the video

  • kenv98:

    yeah that’s right… doesn’t matter which version of the 4in1. as long as you have the gyro/esc portion. the rx just gets junked.

    I haven’t flown mine in a very long time since I bought my Blade 120SR. A much? more fun heli.

  • izwanmohd:

    I actually have 4-1 35mhz version, I dismantled the rx and found that it is almost the same as the one on the video I guess It will works as we only be using the gyro and esc not the receiver, I guess I just need proper servo reversing for CH1? & CH2 and I also need to make sure which one is rudder and which one is throttle on the receiver, will test first but wont be flying need to buy the extreme body conversion but I’ll test the receiver first see what happen thanks!

  • kenv98:

    I think it was just having the proper servo reversing. That’s through trial and error. And making sure the servo’s are plugged into the right channels. Comment if you have any issues and I’ll see if I can? help.

  • izwanmohd:

    btw do you have the? TX setup detail? what need to be configure on TX side?

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