4CH 2.4GHz Mini Radio Single Propeller RC Helicopter Gyro V911 RTF Unboxing and Overview

Product page: http://goo.gl/kXVv0
This is a short unboxing and overview of the 4CH 2.4GHz Mini Radio Single Propeller RC Helicopter Gyro V911 RTF.
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20 Responses to “4CH 2.4GHz Mini Radio Single Propeller RC Helicopter Gyro V911 RTF Unboxing and Overview”

  • Pamhatapezanu:

    all you so called reviewers are full of shit. you all come up with made up stats and build materials .?

  • Lonnle Moore:

    just bought a new f-35 helicoptero not develop sufficient rpms to lift off reported the problem to banggood.com customer service but no action on my request for exchange I?

  • Michael Smitten:

    Several things here: I believe the tail boom is a plastic material, not that it matters much. Be aware that the vertical stabiliser can shift along the boom, so push it right back before flight. Also interesting is the photo on the front of the box and the manual show the reverse of what this plane really is Рquite confusing, since it appears the main rotor goes anti (counter) clockwise from the top, when the reverse is true. Finally the spares kit does not contain spare main rotor screws (oddly) but don't despair. The ones in the charger are the same size, so I stole one from there. Thanks for video!?

  • Anders Kihle:

    Just have to say LOL…… Blame the wind ūüėõ whahahahaaa?

  • Brian Wood:

    Do the silver control buttons on the remote allow you to switch modes between fast and flow flights for indoors??

  • ChickenMcFat:

    Ive just got this heli. I hope I do a better job flying it ?????

  • Muhammad Shahrul Azlan:

    Good, I can play v911 helicopter with grade 3-4 wind with full modified. But It can't play in xtreme wind?

  • kippercat123:

    u said the wind was affecting your heli but I don't see any of the leaves on the trees in the background moving.?

  • Doutor Byte Jo√£o Gil:

    Meu Deus! Tirem dele antes que ele quebre tudo!?

  • Bill Ottinger:

    Great video man keep it up you will get good at it.  I have one and it is alot of fun to fly.?

  • Jamie Lee:

    Looks IDENTICAL to SYMA F3.  Get IT!!!!!!!!!?

  • sdelgado delgado:


  • Tom√°s Monteiro:

    Loool cmon, if you are making a review at least learn how to fly it properly! Those fingers were a disgrace on the remote… Otherwise from that it was a good video thanks?

  • absolutetuber:

    love the shoes man!?

  • paul byrne:

    You need to trim it out on the radio?

  • Ren√© Philippus:

    I liked your review a lot!?

  • Ren√© Philippus:

    Please do yourself a huge favor!!
    Get yourself Phoenix 4.0, and practice !!!!?

  • Caleb Taylor:

    Thanks for the review. The tail shaft is carbon. The front "propellers" are called blades. The plastic is thin and extremely flexible for good reason. It's to prevent breakage in rough landings and crashes. If you're new to rc aviation, particularly helicopters, this is an amazing starter. I couldn't recommend anything better except for maybe the nine eagles bravo. Which is basically the exact same helicopter. ?

  • spazza71:

    Nice un-boxing, however, if you're going to review flight you need to make sure you're proficient. You lost me when I saw 'crocs' with socks, just saying.?

  • juan grimaldo:

    Thanks for the review it help me a lot while deciding to buy this for my 14 yo nephew ?

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