Learning to fly a Century Hawk Pro radio control helicopter

Pedro Noguchi teaches Aurelio Rodríguez to hover a radio control helicopter


2 Responses to “Learning to fly a Century Hawk Pro radio control helicopter”

  • Luvhelis:

    I agree, that it is a better trainer in the wind at 7lbs. This makes it better then the smaller 450 or 500 sized? electrics that many start with.

    My Hawk Pro is also great in the wind, even if it lighter then the other 30 sized nitros I have had in the past. I also find it, when set up for 3D training, that it is surprisingly nimble for a 30 sized nitro.

  • rcrotorfreak:

    Yes because it weigh around 7 pound it’s? a heavy bird. Heavier the bird easier it can take the high wind.

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