How to set Main rotor blade pitch n speed on Honey bee king 3

In this video tutorial you can discover how to set the primary rotor blade Pitch and Principal rotor blade rotation speed of ESky Honey Bee King three 6 Channel 3D Helicopter. It was a question from an individual n I have answered it. I hope this video will support all people who individual this heli. This heli is offered at and keep in mind when examining out, variety Ali in the price reduction code box n get quick 5% Lower price. Remarks feedback welcome at [email protected] Don’t neglect to verify, http , , http racing and Cheers
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22 Responses to “How to set Main rotor blade pitch n speed on Honey bee king 3”

  • freeclimb64:

    why advertisement??????

  • dvds4yeh:

    no it should be on min?

  • dvds4yeh:

    great? info

  • TheFLNative:

    can you do areview on the e razor? 250???

  • alishanmao:

    maybe power is not enough or pitches? are not set right if its Collective pitch

  • Pompiesdorp:

    I have an HBK2 that has been build? up from scratch. The problem that I have is that it don’t want to lift up from the ground. It’s like the helli just keep on pushing to the ground. My invert is set off so there must be a problem with my blade pitch or something. Can you help???

  • alishanmao:

    check my RC helicopter? beginners guide

  • mysteryimpt:

    hey Ali can you make a short video on how your main rotor blade pitch should look like as you put it positive and negative?? Thanks for videos man.

  • Theredbaron3:

    Thanks for your info movie / Good? for biginers like me

  • CidadeMonitorada:

    Gostaria? de saber como adquirir esse helicóptero…
    email [email protected]

  • MrMrmartin14:

    on the other side of the control is a? similar swith. what does that do?

  • za7ish:

    hey ali this xmas gonna get a minni gyro heli but? does it need trimming if it does how¿? and is it easy to get of the ground

  • za7ish:

    hey ali this xmas? gonna get a minni gyro heli but does it need trimming if it does how¿? and is it easy to get of the ground

  • alexztyphoon:

    you can change the sensitivity with the switch,? normally between hh and rate

  • alishanmao:

    more and balance main rotor head speed makes heli more stable and aerobatics are smooth. nitro helis are big, bigger fly better and smoother. they are not slow, for their own size they are? fast, but compared to smaller helis we feel they are slow.

  • woodlumbuddy:

    I have been practising on real flight and noticed that the nitro helis seem more stable/sluggish the move around than the electrics.? I was just wondering if this is because of the rotor head speed or the pitch. If u have more pitch does that make the heli more manoevurable and vice versa? Or is it more rotations speed makes the heli more stable?

  • PHeMoX:

    The headlock gyro is a great help to keep the tail in the same place when you did not give any stick input. This means you won’t get nasty issues of flying 3D and the wind turns the tail around in the midst of your 3D flying.

    Keeping the headlock gyro on obviously reduces the risk? of crashing by a big margin. :) Happy flying and I’m sure you already know this by now.

  • ve2vfd:

    Great video! Very? informative. Thanks!

  • paravibe:

    i ordered one of these off nthe net i? should get in three or four days

  • alishanmao:

    Gyro gain is too? high

  • paulfrmn1:

    I have a falcon 3d from arttech …i forgot to turn off the heli first and wrecked it because i am a newbee and had to replace the esc and mainshaft. now when i ft and hover, the tail wobbles? left and right pretty hard. what can be wrong?

  • paulfrmn1:

    hey great help you are with helis. i? like your vids.on the hbk3, the other knob on the right side of the remote what is that for… left knob is pitch but right is?

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