Blade 120 SR newbie with Low-rate mode on

Studying to fly my initial 4 channel RC helicopter.I got this after actively playing with a three channel toy heli and wished something more difficult to fly. I obtained my desire. I crashed it a bunch of times with High-rate mode on and broke a major blade and tail motor, so now I am in Very low-price style and much simpler to handle. Still have a good deal of observe to do.
Online video Score: five / five


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    sorry for the late response, The 120 SR is great for? learning and I don’t regret getting it at all. It was like heli crack now I have the mCP X and a trex 450.

    The only thing i don’t like about it is that its hard to fly in the wind so its better for indoors and a little big. A msr may be better if you don’t have much room but I am not sure because I have not flown one.


    thanks for the comments. When I got the 120 SR it was? December and where I live there is lots of snow in Winter. This heli handles much better indoors anyways though, I have flown it outside and its fun but a little hard to control. Now its on the shelf and I am flying the mCP X and just got my trex 450 working today. the mCP X handles much better in the wind.

  • oosteveo315:

    Don’t practice indoors bro. Take that thing to? a field with tall grass. You can never “crash into the air” so find a big field and get that thing off the ground!

  • Solorio8504:

    So how good are? you know I’m getting ready to buy the 120 myself can’t wait

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