RC Heli Camera Mount Kit S-1000 (3 Axis control)?????????

???????????~02-22829561~3 RC Heli Camera Mount Kit S-1000 (3 Axis control) http://www.infinity-hobby.com.
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Eric shows off his modified Align T-Rex 700E helicopter which has been equipped with a PhotoShip ONE 2x Pan/Tilt DSLR Camera Gimbal. More info and photos at …
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20 Responses to “RC Heli Camera Mount Kit S-1000 (3 Axis control)?????????”

  • Marcel Greb:

    just a? wonderful video man!

  • D M:

    Do u use gyro on the camera mount in? this movie?? I just bouth one last week!!! Greetz

  • bexi20:

    24? hour battery?

  • ReviewsForU42:

    Have the camera hover in? the perfect view of your city 24 hour time lapse

  • Thohuri Tea:


  • squarepants1961:

    ok I guess you guys don’t respond to any? questions

  • Atomicskull:

    Quads are simple relativly cheap and require relatively little pilot training compared to helicopters. Helicopters handle wind better, descend with greater stability, and can be run on a gasoline engine or turbine allowing? them to stay in the air for much longer (an aerobatic gasser can stay up for 40 minutes, a utility gasser even longer) A variable pitch single motor quad is possible, but then you’re building a machine even more complex than a helicopter. Might as well just use a helicopter.

  • squarepants1961:

    Nice set up, I was wondering? what the all up weight is? In Australia CASA are setting up the commercial licences to be max of 7KG which is based on the S800 DJI multi rotor.

  • borasanuk:

    Well that could explain why their grass is always? trimmed..

  • ajstrobus:

    obviously that was a? UFO

  • The0nionKnight:


  • Phonotek:

    must be cold inside as he is wearing a hat…?

  • BitesCGI:


  • BitesCGI:

    They do have a couple videos that do cover some of that. Just scroll? through their videos. Hope they help.

  • borasanuk:

    Oh? 😀

  • Foetal SpaceUnit:

    Bug close to? the lens.

  • sleat:

    So…bottom line. Watts per gram of payload, Hexa vs hacked Align 700? Which is lower?

    I’ve always loved my helis, but a hexa or octa multi is so? much simpler and more redundant!

  • coastalfurn:

    Would you be able to do a video on FPV setups in relation to radio video frequency. I am currently trying to setup a 433mhz uhf for radio and 1280 MHz for video. Interference is a big? issue. My 2.4g radio with 5.8g video works fine however range is only about 1km.

  • borasanuk:

    3:14 is that smoke coming out of his head??

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