WORLD RECORD: Heli flies through 30 countries (2 int’l film awards)

Flying around the world through 30 countries with one and the same model helicopter. It’s the largest project in the history of model sports and it won two international film awards! We put all the info together for you here: Also check out the German Wikipedia (search for “World Scencic Flights”), they gave us our own entry there. Please like us if you appreciated the film – the amount work and coordination necessary is beyond every description (not sure if we’d want to do it again). Your support is greatly appreciated, thank you!! SUBSCRIBE NOW to NEVER MISS our latest cutting-edge heli stunts: Check out our channel with tons of HIGH-QUALITY content (no waah-waah videos!): MEET and LIKE us facebook – know what’s going on behind the scenes before everyone else! You are a connoisseur? That’s greaaat!!! Because here’s the best ever playlist for you! Can’t get enough?! We have an insane 10+ year legacy you’ll just love here:
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19 Responses to “WORLD RECORD: Heli flies through 30 countries (2 int’l film awards)”

  • vanhaydn:

    2 awards? for what excactly? wow I nearly fell asleep there..I prerfered your other stuff guys you gotta go find some more? jobs and get your savings back…waste of money in my books Im afraid

  • heligraphix:

    check out WorldScenicFlights(dot)com, the site shows exactely how it was done and even links to the blog where you can? find details about each stop

  • Rcaddictionmania:

    Did you guys land the heli and took it in a car or something to? take it to another country or did it fly nonstop?

  • theimacman:

    Very awesome video. The only thing that would’ve made it better is? if every transition was a seamless as the one at 2:22

  • theimacman:

    I’m sure? they got permission. I’d imagine the same thing applies to Niagara Falls.

  • heligraphix:

    we actually gave up our jobs, took ALL our savings plus were lucky enough to find the partners mentioned in the film. this is what made it possible. don’t think we ever added all numbers together as the only thing which counted for us was to make? it through the mission and to finish the film

  • Nitrojet6:

    how much money did? this cost you?

  • khaqan ahmad:

    i only hate rc helicopters that flip? upsidedown

  • Tymopta:

    That grand canyon? one was illeagal. Cant fly anything there.

  • SpondgeB:

    I’d be glat, if the song “Global Explorer” would? be available for download somewere (no matter if free or for money). Because the song is as beautiful as the helis flight! Respect!!!

  • fatboy5011:


  • hydrojet7x70:

    some one? has a lot of money!

  • marweiUT:

    Very nice 3d visiting of? beauty spots ;).

  • heligraphix:

    Always the same heli, just minor parts exchange. It eventually crashed during the Russia flight which by coincidence was the last film stop. That’s also the reason why we weren’t at the Red Square in Moscow – even though we had special permission to take off there (and it was VERY VERY hard to get – too bad!).
    Check out our travel blog and the overview at WorldScenicFlights(dot)com for cool? additional info

  • FelixHofinger1:

    GREAT film!!! Very nice smooth 3D flight :) was this really always? the same heli or just the same type ???

  • Joseph Ignaceous:

    I’m? literally speechless.

  • wcwickedclown:

    this i one of? my favorites

  • heligraphix:

    Thanks all for the nice comments, questions? and votes. That’s much appreciated! Even if we cannot answer to every single comment, we do take note of it.

  • CALMlimited2:

    very? nice work sir. awesome peice!

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