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We are happy that we got our hands on the WLtoys V913 as many of our regular viewers have requested that we try normal RC Helicopters and not just a ton of Drones or Quadcopters. What most of you might not know is that one of the first RC vehicles on our channel was the V911, which is a regular little RC Heli. Now this one is MUCH bigger than the V911, but should fly relatively about the same. Nate and Abby both fly in this video, showing a realistic expectation as to how this could fly for you! Keep in mind, this will NOT fly like a quadcopter and should be approached much differently. The controls on the transmitter are the same, but as Abby learns today the vehicle itself behaves much differently in the air. Still very fun, just a little different!

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18 Responses to “WLtoys V913 RC Helicopter – A REALISTIC Review – TheRcSaylors”

  • TheRcSaylors:

    Check this Heli Out Here – https://goo.gl/5HKfex

  • Jionni Lex:

    Please get yourself a 6 ch heli one that can fly in full 3D ……love to see how you guy's do ….take care ?

  • Sudima:

    Is this high quality hobby grade?

  • unogazzy84:

    I bought this one. How come it wants to go left at the start and then when it becomes airborn, it staightens out?

  • Ace:

    Glad I watched video prior to flying, I'll fly over heavily grassed field to prevent fly-bar being bent.

  • Taurus/Hipoint Enthusiast:

    love the sound!!! almost as eloquent as the real McCoy. Many years flight line AH-64A Apache Mechanic best at real sounding for the price.

  • Jacob Hnamte:

    your helicopter is verry good

  • corisco tupi:

    Cool review, you guys did a good job. It is clear however that when the video was made, you both were not yet used to helicopter flying, with all the straight dashes, tail-rotor turns and straight dashes back, with no real use of cyclic or rolling into the turns. I take it that by now you've refined your flying a bit more with helis, they're a whole different ball game as compared to multi-rotors. Good video, thanks for posting. Liked, subscribed.

  • Rafael Norman Rosario:

    3:45 that burp hehe

  • Blake Taylor-Hobbs:

    Do more heli vids like this it helps me deside what kinda heli I won't

  • David Rivero:

    Thank You, from us helicopter fans. Somehow i find better orientation than a quad ( both fun ) but after this ,having fun with v911, skipping the v912 for a v913.

  • BlixGaming:

    why doesnt mine have a on and off button?

  • Jordan Bestte:

    This is coos

  • Jionni Lex:

    you should try flying 3d if you want fast when you can fly 3 d your a real pilot

  • Erwin Orval:

    If you like this one I'm sure you will like the MJX F45. It's a little bigger but pretty much the same.

  • Landen's Fishing:

    you should do a video on the syma s107

  • gangster vegas gameplay ganggang:

    My dad has the same thing as you but broked

  • Mohd Izham:

    how big is the length of the tail boom v913?

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