rc heli test stand airbrushed canopy all homemade

home made heli test stand for gyro setup

custom painted canopy
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This is a brief demonstration of how I make plastic canopies without a vacuum former. Please forgive the video quality. The Flycam One was strapped to my forehead…
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16 Responses to “rc heli test stand airbrushed canopy all homemade”

  • Stellar lupus:

    Nice looking canopy! What material you used to make it?

  • george smith:

    it seems to be a good video,but I couldn't see quite a bit of it because of the parallax of your camera. please do one that shows more of the project which was often out of frame

  • Tego Suwarto:

    Good job

  • Daniel Burke:

    That is a great and easy way of moulding canopies,I have a few canopies to make,going to use your idea, thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  • fantasiiio:

    Very relaxing video. Thanks

  • Ricardo Kutz:

    Nice method, although it would behoove you to build a stretching frame for the plastic sheets, allowing for an even pull all around the plug when you're pulling the sheet down :)
    I may try this for my 1/33rd scalle F-16 Falcon cardstock model canopy.

    Thanks for sharing your methods with us all :)

  • alt ctrlesc:


  • Green Sea Ships:

    I owe you for this upload! You've made it possible for me to finally understand how this is done! THANK YOU!

  • 4FunRC:

    Hello again,
    I forgot to ask what brand or the name is of the handheld angled tool you are using? Dremel's are great, but I also like what you're using.

  • 4FunRC:

    Thanks for providing your method. I'm trying to make thin-wall replacement parts, dummy radial engine cover and cowl cover, for an Art-Tech F4U Corsair (yep, it's an oldie). I'm thinking I'll have to pour Durham Rock Hard Water Putty to create the mold plugs. Thanks again!

  • chris:

    why don't you just cut tabs whilst cutting out canopy,saves messing with glue

  • josejn2007:

    Very interesting. 

  • Greg Heilers:

    You are making clear canopies – not "cockpits."    :-)

  • James Pepper:

    Very nice, very simple. Thanks for sharing!
    I'm going to try this technique using laminating sheets I have on hand.

  • TheTeambaja:

    The best plastic you can use r the clear windows in kids toys box worked wonders

  • Onur ILGAR:

    can i use hair dryer :D?

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