Double Horse 9101 3ch RC Helicopter w/ Gyro

This is a new 9101 Heli, a full 450size co-axial heli with a built in gyro.

Check it out here:

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19 Responses to “Double Horse 9101 3ch RC Helicopter w/ Gyro”

  • erickaventure:

    I got one?

  • Francis Clinton:

    I have one brand new out the box but I can't get any charge to the battery. Thank I need a new one were should I go? ?

  • SirCutBurner:

    My 1st flight as pilot in command was in a Bo-105 cbs EMS ship, at night, and in 25 mph gusts. Lol
    Yea , I fly the big birds too.

  • What is this shit?:

    These are toys what do you mean graduate to a real helicopter. Get out of your mothers basement and go to a local airport to try a "Real Collective". Heck for under $5000 you can build something useful that is definitely not a toy. Oh yeah, real helicopter pilots will think it is a toy…. Have fun playing.

  • Madman1555:

    lol dont worry its pravtically impossible to break… and if you do manage to break something you can get almost any part for it online

  • Madman1555:

    i have this heli and ive atached a go pro to the bottom… it works you just have to make sure its balanced and then retrim the heli

  • TheBucketleo:

    I got one

  • SirCutBurner:

    maybe a small dongle camera like the 30 dollar keychain units…

  • SirCutBurner:

    hehe 3 channel chinese choppers like this are just the ticket for noobs to test their central nervous systems to see if they can someday graduate to a real helicopter… we are talking a 6 channel single rotor 3D capable ship that can reach 125mph airspeeds and fly inverted. Good for these type choppers as they cheap enough to justify expense for bridging the void between 30 dollar Toys and expert calibre machines costing 600 – 1000 bucks. (without the radio)

  • Quinten Moulson:

    could one of these cameras hold up a Gopro?

  • xhelicopter:

    The battery sits on the frame inside the canopy.

  • Michael Malone:

    How do you install the battery

  • JoDThailand:

    I bought 9101 yesterday, It's good RC helicopter for easy control….

  • Flyin' Ryan RC:


    Uh, then don't crash? Helis this size aren't made for noobs, and experienced pilots know that crashing a heli of this size is going to require some repairs.

  • Flyin' Ryan RC:


    No, get something smaller. If you are a beginner, get the Syma S107g.

  • Flyin' Ryan RC:

    So, is it Syma or Double Horse? They are slightly different companies, owned by brothers, right?

  • xhelicopter:

    @MW2Master36 You might of purchased the helicopter that we're selling for exterior parts.

  • Lolagramful:

    You can try taping a quarter to the nose cover from the inside, that will work, and it's not a permanent modification. I hope this helps.

  • Lolagramful:

    I just got mine, if you want to use it indoors, you need to have space, and you need to practice a lot. I love mine very much!

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