Air Hogs R/C Heli Cage from Spin Master

Air Hogs R/C Heli Cage from Spin Master

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The Air Hogs R/C Heli Cage is a remote-control helicopter with a spherical cage around it. The cage, made up of rotor guards, protects the helicopter’s main rotor from being damaged if it hits something while in flight. The remote control allows kids to steer the helicopter up and down or left and right. There is also a turbo button to make the helicopter fly at a fast speed. If the helicopter is spinning out of control, use the trim button on the controller to make the helicopter fly straight again. The controller also doubles as a charger for the Heli Cage’s battery pack. The Heli Cage can be flown indoors or outdoors. The Air Hogs R/C Heli Cage comes with the Heli Cage, a controller/charger, spare tail rotors, a rotor removal tool, and an instruction guide.
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  • karlamacdonald:

    Can you replace main rotor?

  • PANDAXD001:

    monsuno props awwwwww yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Ben Miner:

    i wouldnt say to much outdoor use as its infrared

  • Sonia Perez:


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